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just wait until the new big o comes out. i think max factory is the producer....
that one is the size of the old vinyl model
Yeah the Maxfactory Big-O will be an awesome piece at 30cm tall and light up eyes and stuff, it will also cost 39,800YEN so it also won't be cheap.
MattAlt (Admin)
Thar she blows!! Big-O on

I see the red vinyl is sold out. Any pics of that surface anywhere?

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
That is a sweet looking figure but unless you pre-ordered this thing from like 2 years ago your gonna be paying through the nose for it.
Sanjeev (Admin)
chen, you've got, like, every $200+ SoC! :P

Nah, it's true...these guys are pricey. But having had one, I can say the argument for them being worth it is quite compelling.

Anyway, the face ass' creepiness notwithstanding, I *really* dig how the Getter 2 head in the middle of his back is a subtly different shade of white. That's a damn nice touch.

Oh...and shouldn't this go in the Fewture thread, not the SoC one? ;)
Lol true but I've spread it out, not spend almost $800 in one pop. This figure is awesome but there have been some posts about broken wings out of the box or wings being broken when trying to maneuver them. I would be majorly pissed if I just spent that much, waited almost two years for it and all of a sudden one of the wings breaks. Besides I already have GX-60, 1/60 YF-29 on pre-order and I got my eye on the iGear Ramjet and Sunstorm so I just don't have the funds for this sucker.

But back on topic God Sigma should be out by the end of next month and hopefully we'll get an idea of what GX-61 will be, the fan in me wants a big complex as hell giant SOC but the guy who goes to work everyday and has to pay bills wouldn't mind a nice simple SOC that's under a $100.
yeah, I just saw this post at Artstorm. Instructions on how NOT to handle your new this is pretty bad....

So ....seems some sneaky pics are snuck out stealthily which show next big SOC is ...DAIOJA!! Yeah!
I hope the news is correct. I like this character, despite the goofiness some see in the old Clover toys. Be cool to see how Bandai does up the "Magnetic" part of this bot.

Trying to give pic credit, seems to be from member Densetsu from Italy GV forum

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Dunno if this an appropriate place to post, but what is everyones thoughts on the MattyCollector subscription 23" voltron figure for 2012..

I hear Gcrush loves it.
gingaio Wrote:
> I hear Gcrush loves it.

It's true.
Sanjeev (Admin)
What's a "voltron"?

God Sigma is out
MattAlt (Admin)
Oh man. This is the first SOC I've wanted in ages. REALLY nice looking!
God Sigma looks awesome. Love the goofy stand-on-my-buddies-heads transformation and weapons. Especially the space-rape flail-of-embarrassment:

I haven't purchased a SOC in a loooong time, but this is tempting. How big is it?

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open | download - gct_godsigma_055.JPG (131.7 KB)
I think it's around 30cm tall, it's taller than Daltanius and about as tall as Godmarz. Should be getting mine in a couple weeks cuz I'm broke and this thing is damn expensive but for me it's a must buy along with Daioja.
chen Wrote:
> I think it's around 30cm tall...

The space-dildo or the robot?
The robot.

...I hope.

Okay, all this sexualizing of poor innocent Godsmigma is getting disturbing... stop it now please.
SOC SPEC line not quite dead yet.



I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
What's everyone's thoughts on God Sigma?

I got mine the other day and I'm a little disappointed in it.. I'm not quite sure why though..

I love the 3 smaller robots but once combined it felt limited in its movements.. Especially the arms. The shoulder/upper torso bit always wants to fold down. You can't rotate the legs either unless you splay them out past a piece that obstructs the movement..

He's too much of a brick..

I had more fun with God Mars.
Haven't received mine yet but from what I hear and read that's the main gripe about God Sigma is the lack of articulation. I guess that's just a by product of the combination/transformation sequence, still I can't wait to get mine in the mail. But I have to say I'm super excited for Daioja to come out, from what I've seen of it, it looks fantastic.

some Daiojya CAD
VF5SS Wrote:
> some Daiojya CAD

I always thought of Daiojya as more of a gentleman.

he's a king actually

look at all them weapons the SOC will have to come with
Anonymous User
Heh, just got mine. I love it lots. Seemsnto me bandai has decided to go away from building origami and just stick to building something practical to play with. Gone is the complexity last seen in the likes of daimos, gun buster and godmarz. Like daltanias, god sigma is rather easy to transform, retaining huge similarities the vintage one. The best way to put it is it's very similar, only slightly sexier but much more pose able. But poseability can be subjective. Many new joints that allow some dynamic poses, yes. However, they all have extremely poor range. At least I can do some cool poses- I'm happy enough.

The diecast content is surprisingly little for a big guy like him. Not too heavy. Die cast joints and feet for the blue and yellow bots. Die cast thighs for the black one. Big departure from the old one which had at least twice the amount of diecast.

Overall, little die cast, poor movement range, sturdy, but still an awesome toy. That's y I have a spare!
Received mine yesterday, yeah God Sigma is a brick but a good brick plus it does seem a little light for it's size but it still weighs over 1kg.

I guess Soul Spec isn't completely dead.

Dragonar 1 Custom all Obari style.

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Anonymous User

(not so magma) Dragoon
This board has been pretty blase the last month or so. Here is your shot of awesome. If this doesn't get you excited, you're a corpse.



I like Daiojya/Diogia/Daioja (<<Just knock it off and PICK one!!)
Only watched some bits n clips of the show over the years, but I always liked the combined form, as well as the individual robots, as they look good not having to bother transmogrifying into vehicles/animals/whatevers. Kinda like Godsigma, Albegas, and GodMarz/Orbots. Just robots making a bigger robot!

Oh, and Bandai may actually get past the silly (No! It's charming!) Clover design scam of sneaking the shoulder pivot in at the middle of the ribs. woohoo.
So only Jon digs the Daiojya? You people dissapoint me.
MattAlt (Admin)
I caught the Dioja at the Tamashii Nations event last week, and I have to say it was pretty damn impressive. Large and looks very slick, especially compared to old Clover versions:


Now to search the sofa cushions for enough change to scrape together to afford Godsigma...!
I like that display with the "fire".


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
MattAlt (Admin)
By the way, Tamashi Nations has started an English-language Facebook page with photo updates. Seems to be done in association with Bluefin, their American distributor.

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