Shin SOC News Thread (untouched by the unwashed)

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That drill missile conjures some pretty disturbing images on its own already alright. X_X No need for decriptors like "sexy"...

If a drill missile makes you sexually uncomfortable, I think you're in the wrong hobby.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
If anyone could make a drill missile uncomfortable, Gcrush could do it.

Only new toy stuff I see so far:

EDF Flagship Andromeda in scale with the Yamato.

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asterphage Wrote:
> If a drill missile makes you sexually
> uncomfortable, I think you're in the wrong hobby.

Funny this never came up with Gurren Lagann. Maybe b/c it's just the long and skinny drills.
More Andromeda and Yamato pics: []

big clickable pics here: []

These look great. I'd like to see them make a blue Arcadia in this format.

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Well. The Yamato was a surprise but completely logical. This Andromeda...WTF Bandai?

Ohhh, I get it. They read this place, and they are intentionally trying to BLOW MY MIND. Hey, send me a case of each, Bandai, and complete the job!


Something seems a bit off with the Andromeda. The stern seems short, making the entire ship mis-proportioned.

I wonder what little extras it will come with? Comet Empire fighters?


To paraphrase the current Bing ads:

the marmit andromeda i think is the same scale as the BPX yamato. i hope the SoC andromeda has more features than the marmit one.... the only good thing about the marmit one is that it a ultra heavy.
Yes please to the Arcadia, but I'd personally prefer the movie version with the skull head prow.

More serious than thou

tobikage is a love survivor

tobikage is a love survivor


big kitty too
I wasn't really keen on these Tobikage releases, however those last bunch of photos may have changed my mind...

The photo with the kitty with the sword is pretty awesome. Sending some good Zoids vibes.
I was wondering if anyone has the scoop on how much die cast content this bad-boy is going to have?

On BBTS, the shipping weight is listed at a whopping 7 pounds...yikes!

Any confirmation on this?


Let's try this again, posted this yesterday, but I guess it gave the interent indigestion or something.

GX-57 is listed as a Soul of Chogokin release (as well as grumblings of an Andromeda as GX-58), not a Popinica toy. Interesting. BBTS has it listed as 7 pounds shipping weight, which makes me wonder how much die cast content this bad boy will be comprised of?

Anybody hear anything solid about how much "super alloy" this set is supposed to include?


Dude, gotta chill some.

It's too far out, nobody knows these answers. I suspect BBTS put 7 pounds down just to have something there. It could be they put that weight down because it's expected to be a pretty big box and cubic is a factor in shipping as much as mass.

Yes, it is very very odd it's listed as a SoC. Nobody knows why Bandai did that. Bandai doesn't explain, they just want our money and STFU about it. (see also The Big O)

Were I a betting man I'd guess the die-cast content was minimal. Much of the cost seems to be the electronic and mechanical gimmicks (which seem to be modifications/refinements of the 1/350 Yamato model kit devices) which, again, is a bit odd for a SoC.

So now you know as much as anyone else who isn't working at Bandai knows.
How do you expect me to CHILL when they're getting ready to release not only a revised Yamato with grossly exaggerated gun barrels and that slick new adjustable base...PLUS...the prospect of an "affordable" Andromeda???

I've tried to chill, but I can't chill...I WON'T chill, not until Christmas morning when I'm tearing through the giftwrap and getting at these bad boys!!!

I remember running around the kitchen as a kid with my Mom hollering at me "stop running in circles, or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!!!".

I'm far too phyched to chill...point of no return doode...point of no return...


Sanjeev (Admin)
Adam, stop creating new threads for a toy that's already being discussed here.
Uh, er...sorry about that. Didn't realize where the other posts had gone to.

Still, to expect me to have ferreted out that a Yamato discussion was ongoing almost one thousand posts into an existing thread is asking a lot from someone with such a limited attention span.

I'm good least close enough?

well, seems logical to me. Discussing a SoC item, go to the SoC thread. Discussing a Revoltech item, go to the Revoltech thread. And so on.
Not to beat the dead horse it glue, but it's a "Shin" SOC thread, which I must have mistkenly interpreted as "Shin Getter", which I'm fine not reading.

The first thread I started still shows up in Cafe Chogokin, but goes nowhere with the link. Then the second thread I started just disappeared. If someone would have just PM'ed me to let me know, it would have been appreciated.

As far as the toy looks from the best pics available, the top half looks entirely plastic, but the red hull could be (partially) die-cast from its appearance...who knows...guess I'll have to quit spazzing about it and wait.


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OMG! An SOC Deadpool? Say it ain't so! :P
RedAleseides Wrote:
> OMG! An SOC Deadpool? Say it ain't so! :P

How much die cast is in it...I need to know now dammit...
That Yamato better come with a teensy Anylizer (spell check?) bot to "bleep", and "querk" around on the desk. will it? WILL IT?
There's a rumor that that teensy Analyzer will have some die cast content...

any word on how much?

Oh yeah, can't take Deadpool too seriously after finding out that Ryan Reynolds is under that mask...
Sanjeev (Admin)
repairtechjon Wrote:
> That Yamato better come with a teensy Anylizer
> (spell check?) bot to "bleep", and "querk" around
> on the desk. will it? WILL IT?

I'd rather have a drunk, wobbly Dr. Sado...but they kinda go together, huh?
Supersentai Wrote:

> Oh yeah, can't take Deadpool too seriously after
> finding out that Ryan Reynolds is under that
> mask...

"The four R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle...and now Ryan Reynolds." ~The Onion


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I was just about to post that! SWEET CHRIST I AM SO BUYING THAT
well the video you posted wasn't Rick Astley's never gonna give you up so I'm guessing this is 100% official....sweet news for sure..
My cold heart just went "pitter-patter"!

The proportions of the silhouette look pretty good.

Let the wild assumptions BEGIN!:
1) The Berairos eyes showing on teh chest means "LIGHT UP LED's!"
2) The legs can spread into a dynamic stance, not just straight up bricks, hence, =, we vintage collectors have to absolutely gripe about how not-old-school-enough it is. Harummph!
3) The winged ship crest in Atlus's head means there's gonna be little accessory ships packed in to zoom around, and get lost in the carpet. Double Harummph!

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Looks great! Always wanted one.

Thanks, Ken-A
Not really liking that lion head. Should look more like the godaikin. Everything else is a win.
That article say when this is coming out?
Very impressive looking (I almost kind of prefer the Grey look to the eventual colored one...).

The lion's head does look a little off though...looks like an angry Pomeranian?

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I have the Godaikin and will definitely get this one too. I do like the lion head on my Godaikin version better, though. Looks more... robotic...

Tobikage with birdy.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Oh man. I don't want to know how much it'll cost, but I love the new Daltanious. The lion head does seem a little lacking in detail tho, which is weird. I want to see the new sword!

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