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Ok, we find out today, and it is indeed an SOC, hooray.
But where is my Daitarn 3 SoC?
I thought that the new maz had a see through pilder, and the scrandler looks like the previous soc maz's, not at all like the pilder depicted in the new artwork-which look devilish/batlike..
Some Maz pics. Some comparison with GX-01R.

Daitarn 3

These blueprints on the attachment have Daitarn 3 listed as GX-45 and the new Mazinger is listed as GX-45. I am hoping this means that it is delayed and not cancelled.

This other website has Daitarn 3 listed as GX-46 but I cant read the Japanese writing on the blueprints. Maybe somebody can interpret, please. Thanks.


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The funny thing is that the SOC Super Robot War pair is also listed as GX-45 in some magazines, and GX-46 in others. I think there's been a production log jamb somewhere along the way.
Base on early drawings and prototpye photos I think we have been seeing two teams making SOC - one use older hand drawing method and focus on classic designs, e.g. Daimos and Daitarn 3, the other one use CAD and focus on new designs, e.g. Jeeg & Daizengar. The CAD team can probably finish their work faster.

The Mazinger is a simple design and probably rushed ahead of others to match the new anime broadcast.
you can really see the differences in the new maz when its put up against the older version.

does anyone have any confirmation whether itll have a clear canopy in the pilder as mentioned here:


"Eleven years after the first SOC Mazinger Z comes this new version, released in conjunction with the new TV series "Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen"

This Mazinger has been completely redesigned from the ground up for maximum articulation with large gokin content. The hover pilder is all new and features a clear canopy.

Includes Jet Scrander, Hover Pilder and base.

160mm tall, due May for 6,800 yen"
I bet the L-Gaim was rushed deal. So much more they could have done.

I hope they release a version of the new Maz here that has chromed limbs.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".

Tekkaman Blade with Pegas will be coming out July, priced at 13980 yen.

Price is kinda high but I think given that the SPEC releases are more niche oriented and probably have smaller production runs than regular SOC (notice how the SPEC ones seems to sell out faster than the regular SOC releases), I'm willing to accept it given that it's FINALLY an honest to goodness toy of the damn guy.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".

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Gonna have to pass now that I've seen the price. I don't really care about Pegus so I can't really justify a $130.00 Tekkaman Microman figure. Oh well, bring on The Big O!!
I'm passing too. $140 is just way too much.
I actually would have gone for this had it been the original Tekkaman and not Blade.

Majinga Zeyto

State of the economy etc...

HLJ just listed 5 SOCs for sale on the front page, 40% or 50% off.
Dammit, Godmars is already gone AND not even at an attractive price... I was really hoping to see Baikanfu or Iron Gear on there. Those two are my wish-list SOCs.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
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Runaphen Wrote:
> Majinga Zeyto
> []

Man that video is kewl! By the way, this Godmarz SOC video is just da bomb..


OK, back to new SOCs...
Sanjeev (Admin)
The Elmo cameo at the end was priceless!
Teh Mazz, he does like superman yo.

The Godmarz video kicks much ass. I wish all contemporary anime would be like that instead of the "awesome" creative output currently flooding the market with 1/7 scale figures of... Fuck, I got off on a tangent.

What I really wanted to rant about was how I clicked on a linked video of the SOC Daimos. I was, foolishly, expecting the same thing as the Godmarz video. Instead I got a series of Bandai publicity shots of the toy set to music. Gaah! Another fucking slide-show on YouTube! Fuck!

YouTube is full of hilarious unintentional retardation, but the slide-show thing really needs to stop. It's certifiably retarded-retarded. If I wanted to listen to crappy music while I looked at Bandai's pretty pictures of Daimos I would just sing to myself while I fap-off to their homepage. Like I usually do. It's not a service if I'm already doing it, see?

So now my day is ruined because I didn't get to see another awesome Gumbymation of a toy I don't own doing amazing things. Thanks, Internets!
Anyone interested in this pre-AKIRA power-suit-ish design by Otomo?


I'm just afraid the typical 7" size would not be a good match for the other 1/24-18 figures on my shelf.

LOL, just saw the release date.

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drifand Wrote:
> Anyone interested in this pre-AKIRA power-suit-ish
> design by Otomo?
> []
> 5

Had one. Loved it. Hated it. Sold it on EvilBay.

It definitely would NOT have fit in with anything other than 7" sized figures. For such an obscure design, they did a good job with it. Or, at least as good as job as any other SIC-style release at the time. Excellent sculpting and detail, good paint, and floppy articulation. Easily worth about half as much as they charged for it...
Pics from Figure Oh Magazine, posted on SRW Hotnews
Nice pic link Red. Only beefus I have with the BigO pic, is that the helmet/headpiece looks solid. Would be cool if it came out plastic translucent red, as in the show, and that earlier Bandai plastic release.
Thx. I assume the Big O pic is only a prototype for the base mold. It will be great to see how they deliver on this one! (Hoping they will include weapons from season 2 also).
HLJ has just put up more SoCs AND SoC-Specs up for sale. Including L-Gaim, Dragonar, Falguen, and Daimos.

New Groizer once thought possible but now unlikely and indeterminate?

Hmmm. []

Here's some babelfishery: Attacks in the iron armor multi-purpose variants! Z arranges, invincible hard Luo Groizer X changes left deceitful angle Groizer X10 is taken to the threshing ground! Bandai has originally has thought favorable balance of trade alloy soul invincible iron Luo Groizer X, but Bandai did not estimate that this toy in market whether really receives welcome, along with has not been able to solve the distortion problem! Therefore is the present stage also does not have. 1st chart A, B & C verdict first draft

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MattAlt (Admin)
Good thing they DID NOT COPY any of those! :)
That is the Groizer X that appears in the new Shin Mazinger Z TV series as an enemy and got blown up too, Groizer X10.

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Some Mahjinga & Tekkaman pics

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This would make a great gucci SOC

That Pegas and Tekkaman Blade set is beautiful.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
I know this is going to smack of old-fartiness, but the original Tekkaman design is so much better than the re-do. I hate it when they update something by just making it pointy and sleek.


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Any new news or pics on SOC Daitarn? I hope they have not cancelled it.
>I know this is going to smack of old-fartiness, but the original Tekkaman design is so much better than the re-do. I hate it when they update something by just making it pointy and sleek.<

That's exactly why I love the design. My mecha design astetic has been partly influenced ever since I saw the show on UPN in the mid 90's.

It's nostalgic to ME.

Price be damned though, I still want it. I've been liking the SPEC line choices over the regular ones.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Daitarn 3 pics
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Also, be happy they didn't use the OVA design for D-Boy.

That was nightmare fuel alright...

I love my GX-36 Ideon. It's so very very fun and impressive. Thank you Bandai. Thank you everyone who worked on bringing this beautiful toy into three-dimensional reality.

That is all. Carry on.
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