Shin SOC News Thread (untouched by the unwashed)

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Have at it, kids!

But there isn't any news, hence the other thread going to pot.

Maybe Matt has something new to say...
mcfitch (Admin)
I have a ton of these for sale. Is that news?

Matthewalt "I actually kinda LIKE that approach! You know: let's make a TOY. Remember those? Products designed to be played with without breaking? DO YOU REMEMBER, LOVE?!"
Hey...I gave people a new thread. If they want to continue to post there, no pissing and moaning about the turn it took.

Hey, apparently I am the only one pissing and moaning. Maybe it'll get back on track anyway.
big Spec blue Eva pics: []

This is definitely better than the Takara Jeeg.

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GodMars and Reideen pics

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That Eva keeps his MP3 player in its gun.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
That unit00 looks cool, but as a SOC collector tho, i'm stuck between the SPEC & SOC version. (even tho i already have unit01 SPEC)..
Besides the accessories, what are the differences in the Raideens? The only thing I can tell is that the deluxe version has white upper arms and the standard has chrome.
Not news but I just got Ideon today, my second big SOC after Gunbuster and I actually like it more then Gunbuster. He's big and heavy and solid etc but more importantly it's FUN, I've been transforming it back and forth all evening and not had one of those bloody heart attack moments that seem to go hand in hand with collector orientated toys. There are a few niggles here and there but most were down to me not doing things properly, the QC is flawless and the paint is just beautiful, especially on the legs. Amazing job Bandai did on this.

Irongear and God Mars should be arriving in the next week so I look forward to seeing how they compare.
Did anyone get the Black Serena?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
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Dude, I friggin' love both Ideon & Gunbuster as well. Overall, Ideon was a much better-looking toy & I loved the fact each component was a has 2 vehicle modes. But in terms of playability, I preferred Gunbuster, Bandai gave him sooo many gimmicks! I also loved his spring-loaded mechanisms 'cos I've never seen those in gokins for decades. He's probably the most sturdy combiner SOC too.

I'm sure you'll love Iron Gear (not as great as the 2, but still a must-buy if you liked the vintage version. Plus - he's so heavy!) and even more so, Godmars!!

Skipping Black Serena, as with all the other SOC Specs. I must say they are hard to resist with the low prices Singapore. I'm seriously running out of space at home! However, I'll most likely make SPEC L-Gaim an exception. ;)
Just noticed while browsing HLJ..

GX-42 Jeeg due for a July release @ 8,800yen

I ordered Baikanfu.

That'd probably be the last SOC I'll get until L-Gaim come out (maybe Ideon or Black Serena before hand).


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
BBTS has Walker Gallia up for a seriously good price, it was $44 when I ordered one at the start of april and it's gone down another 6 bucks or so beacuse of some big clearout sale they're having (which ends tomorrow I think).
Anyways, mine just turned up and he is a very nice figure, out of the 5 SOC's I currently own this is the one that feels most like an actual toy. I think every joint bar the head and the angled plate on the feet is ratcheted, some are even ratcheted in two diretcions!
His transformation/combination is very simple and Xabungle puts him to shame but WG is more of a looker and he has even bigger guns. Plus of course a "bonus" robot that's bigger then he is.

It's a great piece, if you've been on the fence about getting one then now is a great time to dive in.

Now all I need is for my Irongear to show up and I have all the WM SOC's.
Walker Gallia might be my most favorite SOC of all. Very very fun little piece. Nice heft for its size. Comes with the very expressive and nearly-equally-fun Walker Durun. The range of motion the feet have is a bit limited but forgivably so. The clicky joints on it are the most orgasmically perfect clicky joints ever. Sometimes I'll get Galliar out just to click the knees back and forth slowly, ever so slowly, next to my ear. For universe's sake, anyone who doesn't already have one, get it now while the price is INSANELY cheap.

Edit: Also, I had this SOC for ages before realizing the elbows are double-jointed. Ya hear? That's two joints per elbow. Twice as elbowy as the other brands! Buy it now!

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I love my SOC Walker Galliar, but ONE part of its design irks me to no end. Compared to the HCM version, the SOC's knee-joint cannot point up and forward, only back. That means it's impossible to have one foot angled back with the foot level on the ground. I have actually taken apart the feet and filed down the thick screw-connection cylinder in order to increase the clearance, but the gains were very minor, like +2 degrees. The real problem is due to the way the wheels are attached to the lower legs instead of the feet (as it was in older designs).
I haven't washed in days and I'm touching your thread.
I picked both Galliar and Xabungle up this month whey they went on sale. And I have to Walker Galliar props for being so much more satisfying. My only problem is getting his giant gun to sit in the holster properly. Is it supposed to just balance on those pegs or is there some trick to getting it to firmly stay in place?

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Kwesi K, I was having that problem myself last night. The way I found work's best is to locate the two nubs of plastic into the holes and then rotate the gun slowly back/forwards whiel pushing down on it against the holders. This should get it to stick in their frimly.

I haven't put the Duran together yet but it's huge, maybe this guy shoulda been metal as well...
Tetsujin 28 blackprints.
open | download - 1208935268611.jpg (212.1 KB)
Ooo GREAT! SOC news.. there was a whole lotta kafluffle leading up to godmars then it died in the ass.

Theres some impressive leg & arm folding.. Even the face pivots. Thats gonna be one poseable chogokin...

BTW who's the dude on the left?

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That's some crazy leg action it's got going on!

I also have no idea who the dude on the left is, companion piece to T-28?

Any L-Gaim pics?
Harvey's here.

Is that Gaiking's dad next to Reideen on the right?;) Who is that guy?

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thats some marvel guy colossus or something i think
dude in the blackprint for T-28 on the left is the 80s version of Black Ox

The guy in the Reideen shot to the right is Gurren Lagann-but dont' know who who/where/how.... but I want one..
The only thing colossal in those pics was that rock statue thing.. I'm gonna need a new shelf asap.

That colossus you mentioned is Gurren Lagen.
Colossus is a marvel character and is a shiney metallic bluey colour and looks like a regular muscle clad superhero.
So, is it out??? The setting for the pictures looks pretty crappy, like something I would do, so I am guessing somebody already got it!

Kinda an odd request shot for those that get the version with the mountain face. I want to see a pic with a VF-1J Revoltech or the Banpresto one in between the mountain halfs ala Space Gundam V.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
HLJ had Godmars as a March release and it was shipped on the 30th. They have Reideen as an April release, so if Godmars is anything to go by i'm guessing HLJ prob wont ship it for at least another week. Other suppliers might have it out a few days early.

And by the look from those pics i'm glad I'm getting the DX set. Those white legs look a lot better than the chrome..
Are there any differences between the two Reideen versions besides the white/chrome, the accessories and the toe articulation?
Both versions come with the toe articulation. The replacement shin-ridges with the extending toes store under the stand.


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I just wanted all of you to know that you all suck.

I knew nothing about this Gurren Lagan character. Now, I'm scouring the Internet to buy this $200.00+ toy for my collection.

There goes any semblance of a rudimentary budget I had worked out...

Meantime, I can't wait for my SOC Raideen!!

Let us know where you buy this Gurren Lagan Character. Is it diecast? More pictures please.
There's a diecast Gurren Lagann coming from Konami, it's something like 18kyen.
I'm going to wait and see if Bandai will SOC it, they've done all of Gainax's other mega hit robots.

More beautiful toy porn
He has skinny arms like battle fever, stumpy feet like grendizer & an articulated groin like tetsujin. neat.

Gurren Lagann would look good as a SOC.. but I think Konami pulled it off quite well. Shame about the hefty price. If i find this around the $100 mark i'll be happy.

There are cheaper alternatives, but the expensive one looks better.
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