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comparison shot

OMG, the tires are the same size! O_o
Hey, they have different treads on the tires. Is the Mospeada a street bike or a dirt bike?
WOW! the Megahouse version looks larger and for me the look of it blows away the CM's version. I cant wait to get mine and I'm glad I held off on buying the CM's version.
I'd still like to see a comparison between those and the original Gakken/Matchbox one.

But yeah, Megahouse's looks SO much better.


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MattAlt (Admin)
The amusing thing about these all-new 3D portrayals is seeing how LITTLE protection the Ride Armor actually offers. Talk about a high-tech way to lose your love handles!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Bah...has life in Japan taught you NOTHING!?

Only a coward strikes at his enemy's love handles.
Can't say it's any worse than the 'invincible' JIN-ROH Protect Gear ;-)
The seam on the front of CM's chest plate sure doesn't help, but really there isn't anything about the CM version that looks better. The details kind of suck when it stands next to CM's. And CM's choice of plastic color..it looks like a Fisher Price toy.
The only thing I'd say that looks better on CM's is the diecast bar.

Does the Megahouse one includes stickers?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
xiombarg Wrote:
> The seam on the front of CM's chest plate sure
> doesn't help, but really there isn't anything
> about the CM version that looks better. The
> details kind of suck when it stands next to CM's.
> And CM's choice of plastic color..it looks like a
> Fisher Price toy.

I'm not following you. You desribe the CM's in every point, going from not liking it to comparing it to...itself?

I think you're saying you don't like the CM's compared to the MH, but I'm not sure.

As for a picture of the Gakken for comparison. I have the 1/8 one but not the old small one. I'm waiting for my MH to line up all three, and eventually add the Toynami/Beagle to the mix.

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Yeah, as much as I love the CM's the MH is sytarting to look better each day. To me, the MH probably has 4 main advantages (I cannot comment about fragility since I've not handled it):

1) Taller
2) Colors look more 'real', I just love the matt finish compared to mere colored plastic.
3) Overall MH design looks fiercer, plus it's got more details (check out the LEDs on the chest plates)!
4) I love the centerpiece of the MH chestplate much more than the CMs. On the CM's although this part is entirely diecast, there's an unsightly gap in the center.

I didn't want to get an MH at first, but the more I see the pics, the more I want one. Will most likely get a Stick and that purple (Bartley?!) one.

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I have to agree, I'm deffenetly gonna pick one up, I'll wait for Toynami to release the MH ver. here in the US. I still wanna get another CM Stick type, so I can fix my waist problem.

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My order is "processing". Looks like the initial shipment is either low or the demand is exceedingly high, since they're sold out just about everywhere.

Maybe Toynami bought up a majority of the run for their purposes.


They just shipped last night.

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Josh has his review of the CM Mospeada Stick type up now 9with video.) I warn ya.... its not good.


I should have the Mega House review up next week.
Poor Josh. His ham hands are not match for tiny toys.
I got to wonder, do the companies even test play these things? It wasn't like Josh was handling it rough and it still was falling apart. I have small thin fingers and I'd still manage to pop something off if I had that toy. Lazy engineering and rushed development.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
In this imperfect world, I still prefer the better proportions of the CM's to the cartoonish MH. Yes, the seat 'peg' is dumb and should be deleted, but if you know how to adjust the figure's hip joints, the CM's is the only transformable version of the ride armor that CAN be ridden and not look silly.

Basically, the CM's version is guilty of the crime of trying too hard at such a small scale. Along with the fragile windshield and drop-out foot rests is a wealth of beautiful details and plenty of potential for hobbyists. I just finished weathering Stick's bike and I really love how it BREATHES realism, especially now that I've customised the right gauntlet to mount his rifle.

The MH by comparison only has a veneer of realism due to its matte finish. I look at the clunky lines of the bike and deformed figure and see that MH took the easy way out. Why such undersized wheels? Why is Ley's beam gun detached from his gauntlet? (Because the simplified elbow joints won't allow the forearms to rotate into position). Can Stick's rifle attach to the bike since there's more space? (No.) Where do the rider's feet rest on? (Nowhere, they use the Xenia Onatopp grip-of-death). etc. etc.

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But do the downfalls of the MH outweigh the downfalls of the CM? Currently it doesn't seem so to me, but I'm still waiting to read Atom's review on collectiondx.
Can someone take a pic of the CMs Ride Armor next to the Matchbox Invid Shock Trooper? I would like to see if the scale is similar :)



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This guy

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Yes! Thanks! That scale looks perfect!


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Hpw much do those Inbit/Invid guys go for?
I've never seen the big one before.
A loose one, $10 to $15.


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Yaco has a good ride armor round-up posted:

Anybody got info on this one?

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A company called Seven made that:


Its an awful little toy. It comes with a half-assed Rider Armor and a motorcycle. Some of the parts swap between the Ride Armor and the motorcycle. The Ride Armor is hideously ugly and its made of the cheapest and most brittle plastic available for toys. Fun box though.


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That's a great comparison shot.

After watching Josh's video review of the CM's, I'm seriously thinking about passing on all of the new Ride Armors and using the money to buy the 1/8 Gakken...
Got mine Saturday, if you think the CM's is a pain to transform, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'm looking forward to Josh trying futz with it with those mitts of his. My figures are long and nimble, and I still had to take it apart several times to move certain parts.

The end result is a nicer-looking toy in the armor mode but less playable than the CM's. I was confused by trying to figure out Ray's gun not being attached to the forearm, and it's the biggest disappointment of them considering it's just wrong.

These too have some mystery part that I've yet to figure out what it's for.

Right now I'm on the fence on which company I'll stick with for the other two. Both have their problems, but since I really don't play with them, the better display piece is what I prefer. I'll probably stick with the MH for that reason, but it really gives you a new shot of respect for the 1/8 Gakken. Meaning that Toynami/Beagle/Aoshima may just take this one after all.
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First pics of toynamis ride armor? It sure looks a lot like the old gakken toy


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Anavel Wrote:
> First pics of toynamis ride armor? It sure looks a
> lot like the old gakken toy
> [www.bigbadtoystore.com]
> oduct=TOY10151&mode=retail&picture=out

That's an old solicitation (we're already in 1st quarter 2008). Toynami was showing off its Ride Armor at last year's Anime Expo, too (July 2007). Given that there's some new arrangement with Beagle (according to Collection DX), I wonder if there's also going to be a new design.

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Zor Master Wrote:
> A company called Seven made that:

It was rumored that Toynami copied the old Imai 1/12 kit for the sculpt. I had those kits years ago and they do look very similar, plus it's Toynami's M.O. to "borrow" previous work and make it their own with a few modifications.

In any case, I think it's for the best that they use Beagle's design. The CAD stuff I saw looked far better than what Toynami was coming up with.

I put my preorder in, just for the sake of securing one in case it's any good. BBTS is good about holding stuff for you so it's a great way to preorder without pulling the trigger on paying for it sight unseen.

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Maybe they look very similar because they are the same armor from the same show.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
Let's compare:


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So I ordered the Megahouse release from HLJ and received the toy yesterday. Definitely not a toy, as there are many very small and delicate parts. Good thing in that so far I have not broken anything. The transformation seems much simpler than the CM version, which I am quite dreading even trying the transformation. For such a small toy, the CM's instruction sheet seems too large and have just a little too many steps for me to want to undertake. Yes it is true that there is a left over piece for the Megahouse version, which is the front fork of the bike that is not integrated in the transformation, but seriously not too bad. Also true that the proportion of the Stig looks frankly comical and strange without the add on armor parts. The chest is way too flat and the neck could put a giraffe to shame. But I am guessing that Megahouse designed the figure to be displayed combined.

I am confused.

I have a question that I was wondering whether other owners or scholars of Mospeada can answer for me. So I only bought one version and am not sure whether it is Ray or Stig. Its the guys that has the red undershirt. But the thing that really confounds me is that I don't seem to have the hand pistol that becomes the fairing for the front right motorcycle fork. I only have the larger rifle and the front fork fairings are identical in that they are the forearm mounted missiles. I have been trying to find the hand pistol fairing to no avail. I cannot seem to find it anyway. Was I short changed?

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Red shirt belongs to Stick (Scott). He comes with the missiles for the forearm. You got the right parts and pieces for that character, weather you got short changed or not depends on whether you ordered Stick (Scott) or Ley (Rand). if you ordeered Rand... you got the wrong chracter.
Feh. More TCRI induced giraffe mutations.

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