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Chirico Cuvie Wrote:
> Probably on the Macross World forums, you know,
> those guys that think it doesn't even look like a
> Legioss, it's 3 times more expensive than it
> should be, and they wouldn't buy it for more than
> $100. Yet there are 57 PAGES of post about them.

I'd agree with you and add to what you said, but gingao threatened to kiss Sanjeev's piehole if I badmouth Macross World's hate-specialists again, and we all know Sanjeev's piehole is spoken for.
That link to the CM's shows a March date. Not a huge delay, I didn't expect it to be out this month anyway, given the bikes missed the January date by a week.

Let us no longer speak of Yamato World, er, Macross World again.
The following are RUMORS as heard from dealers in Singapore...

Release of MH Ride Armors are possibly delayed due to:
1. 'Market saturation' from CM's 'similar' product;
2. Poor feedback regarding undersized bike mode.

Cancellation is unlikely due to costs involved, but the toy may be held back to wait out the CM's version, or 'revised' in some way.

This may all be BS in the end, but the net result is that stocks of the 'unloved' CM's Ride Armor is fast selling out in Singapore, or only available at inflated prices and fans reconsider their options, and sellers begin hoarding.
I've got people here right now that would love to buy the CM's in bulk to sell, but CM's has no distribution here and the price would easily be $100 each to offset the cost.

The CM's are good but not THAT good. I'm still more amped about the MH line up, bike size be damned.
Anonymous User
I just bought a Stick on Sunday. I liked it so much I bought an extra Stick as well as a Rei today.

Chirico was right, CM's managed to replicate the complexities of the deluxe Gakken Ride Armor into this tiny piece of engineering marvel. Plus - with even more features as well as joints, it's even more complex now! The diecast amount is just nice on the bike. However, I was misled into thinking the chest on the main fgure would be entirely diecast since its so shiny in the photos that were posted on CM's site. *sigh*

Anyway, the toy does feel fragile, particularly the tiny pegs on the arm blasters lock on to the shock absorbers in the bike mode. Good thing I broke nothing yet. Whew. I think if you survive the transformation in the first go, there's a smaller you'll break something the next time round because you'll know exactly which areas to be extra careful with. Note the word 'survive'. I can see why there's a tendency to break something if it's your first time because this nearly happenned to me a couple of times as I was struggling to transform him. No thanks to the unclear instructions that skipped a step and jumbled the sequence of another. There was no mention that the handlebars of the bike was supposed to rotated to make clearance for the wheels as they get folded to the back. Plus, the round white piece on both sides where the hip armor pieces attach themselves to need to be rotated to the front first (so the thigh armor pegs get aligned with the holes on the hips of the main figure) so the folded wheels can be aligned nicely at the back of the figure. The instructions seem to ask you to align the wheels first, and then rotate the hip pieces forward. This alone caused me so much grief I nearly broke something while struggling to ensure eberything gets aligned nicely.

That said, despite its flaws, the Stick type is a great toy. While I like the idea of a complex Microman-sized toy, I would have preferred if the toy was slightly larger. On the other hand, since I'm a Microman collector anyway (sort of), this fits well with the rest of my stuff. Plus - I can stash my 3 boxes with great ease in my store. Heheh....

Considering the Megahouse one. I might even buy the diecast Toynami if that ever gets released.

Oh - one last thing - although Rei is supposedly the same piece, it's nice to know that it's got a different mold for the face. The paint work is pretty neat too. However, there's a flaw. Remember how both sides of the front are unable to stay closed in the bike mode? This is because the peg on one side of the arm armor pieces (with the gun) is too short, they used the standard one, it should have been a longer. As a result, the shock absorber on that side needs to be bent/stretched outwards just so that it can lock to the armor piece. Oh well... the solution is to just attach armor piece to the center of the front wheel but leave the peg disconnected from the shock absorber. However, it'll have the tendency to swivel down as it's only got support at the front. Aside from this -no problems. I personally think you'll be better off leaving Rei in the Ride Armor mode.

Last but not least - the so-called stand only helps with getting the figure to stand properly in a static pose. It's pretty useless if you want to execute more dynamic poses - this is where you'll need those fancy stands which our reviewer in Japan used in his photos. Man, I wonder where I can get these in Singapore.
Those stands are for those creepy Volks dolls that the Japanese love so much. They run between $10-$20 depending on size. Try looking for them in a 1/6 shop like Hot Toys and Dragon figs use.
Hey guys,

I had to return my first CM stick. One of the metal arms has a faulty screw hole and it won't hold the screw in place.

Got my second one, all nice and tight, but I broke one of the joints for the leg armor blaster. I wasn't forceful with it or anything, handled it delicately. So yeah nice toys, but way too fragile. If they could make it sturdier I'd be happy to buy more, but as it is, one is enough. A real missed opportunity,
Anonymous User
Man, that totally sucks balls.

What's the leg armor blaster anyways? I gotta remember to be careful with that.

Speaking of joints, the figure does come with very unconventional (and fragile) ball joints on the legs that turn out to be more frustrating than the Revoltech joints. They're made of hard plastic (pretty much the same type as the main components of the figure) and each ball joint has a horizontal rotating range of 360 degrees. The interesting bit is the 'slice' in the middle of the joint that allows vertical movement is slanted at 45 degrees. So if you accidentally rotate the joint (horizontally) in the opposite direction, you'd most certainly break the joint if you keep forcing it the wrong way. I hope this wasn't what happenned to you.

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Hip armor blaster more like it. The one that doubles as the foot peg when in motorcycle mode.
It's not a blaster, (maybe in your mind) it's a foot peg that folds in, nothing more.
For those keeping track of such things....

I had the chance to handle the Mega House version earlier this week. While it feels light it does indeed look real good and feels very sturdy. Should make for a nice toy. :)
Anonymous User
So does that mean this is out?
Not yet. I got to handle one in the Toynami booth when Josh and I where at Toyfair. toynami will be distributing them in the states. You c an read it for yourself here [www.collectiondx.com]

Amuro-Ray Wrote:
> So does that mean this is out?
Now the decision to cancel my CM's Legioss/Tlead is upon me. I'm cautious to cancel since it's putting my trust in Toynami releasing this thing after 3 years.

I guess I'll wait until it's upon me before I jump the gun.
Anonymous User
I've done the complete opposite and pre-ordered mine 4 days ago. I was intending on picking up only the red set but I heard the red & green ones are going to be limited-run exclusives of some sort. Seeing how I may not be able to afford the higher price tags normally assocciated with such exclusives, I've broken down and decided to go for the blue one first.

That said, after seeing the toy show photos, the combined fighter form looks more sleek than the CM's version. However, I still think the CM's version blows the Toynami out of the water when it comes to the Robot mode.

Who knows - I may end up buying both versions. I've already made up my mind to pick up the MH Stick Ride Armor given the nice comments I've seen about it so far. Plus - I won't mind a bit of toy leprosy if this results in a sturdier & more robust overall construction. Quite frankly, I don't dare to pose my CM's Ride Armors. They looks friggin' awesome, but as much as I love 'em, they're not much fun to play with.
CM's ride armor sounds like toy hell to me, and I'm glad to hear the early reports that the MH version is sturdy. From the way the MH ride armor was handled in the promo video it looked like it had to hold up better than the reviews of CMs. I really hope that MH doesn't hold off for too long..
Despite the problems with the CMs, I really do like them. It has a lot to do with my penchant for collecting realistic mecha in a similar scale. Right now, I'm having a blast fiddling with them next to the so-called '1/15' Proto Garland... and microman Chirico looking on enviously.

So... Megahouse in bed with Toynami? OK, that may explain the rumors of 'delays' if the initial stock has been earmarked for US distribution. I'll be sure to do more digging on Sunday when I visit the toy shops again.
Anonymous User
Don't get me wrong, the CMs Ride Armors are not exactly toy hell. They're probably the most fantastically engineered toy in this scale (aside from THS Convoy). I've definitely had more flimsy toys than this so it's still OK in my book. That said, the MH would nicely complement my CM's...it'd certainly fill the gaps in the playability and scale department (call me old-school, but I tend to prefer any toys this complex to be slightly larger), but it will most certainly be unable to replace it. ;P

Oh, and speaking of Proto Garland - I finally managed to get a local source for it (YAY!)! I hope to get him early next month. Can't wait to take shots of my CM's with him & my Microman Merowlink! ;P

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Drif, I've done some digging at the local toyshops and they have no news. They don't even know that Megahouse in working with Toynami. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Hey Amuro, care to share where you sourced the Proto Garland?

My opinion of the CMs are that they are decent if problematic toys. The main problem I have with them is that they are very fragile, and some armor parts just refuse to stay on because of some really careless oversight. With a little bit of revision, or even self-modding, perhaps it could be a really nice toy. If you can stay away from these please do. Hopefully CM will get the message and release a revised version. If you must have a ride armor, then perhaps just buying one will suffice.
I don't think making a "revision" is an acceptable alternative after I've bought the "un-revised" version (hypothetically..I didn't buy one). Should we really give them slack when CM screws it up the first time around, saying "I sure hope they get it right next time they revise it"? I don't mean to just point my finger at CM, because Yamato is probably just as guilty. But when these QC issues happen over and over again (such as with CM).. they really need to get a better handle on what they are doing or just leave transformations alone altogether IMO.

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Yaco's Wonderfest report is up:


They're doing a Jonathan (Wolff) bike, pretty neat.

Also says something in there about a Dark Legioss toy but Google Translate isn't too clear. Hopefully a helpful human will show us the light (or dark).
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow...those Megahouse's are looking pretty hot...
The tread details on Yellow Dancer's bike are quite scrumptious. And notice that the tires on that bike are bigger than the ones on the green bikes (or so it seems). And the stylized, anime-esque look really works with Yellow Dancer (Japanese name: Leroy Jones, for the Mospeada faithful).

Man, these look a lot better than the 1/18 bikes.
....just wanted to get this quoted. =)

Sanjeev Wrote:
> Wow...those Megahouse's are looking pretty hot...
Atom Wrote:
> ....just wanted to get this quoted. =)
> Sanjeev Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Wow...those Megahouse's are looking pretty
> hot...

I wasn't going to say anything. :)
Good stuff, and good for Megahouse! Seems they haven't received a whole lot of love in the last few years. Did anybody get the L-Gaim or Bat-shu figures from awhile back?

Anyway, I'm diggin their ride armor, and that Yellow Dancer/Leroy Jones bike and figure is the shiatsu.
The Megahouse ones are sounding better then CM's now, has anyone handled both yet?

Their (MH) Yellow Belmont figure looks nigh on perfect (my fave design), all I need to see is swords plus open missile hatches and I'm sold.

Not so interested in the Johnathon variant, one for completists I think.

Atom, If Toynami are distributing these did they say anything about the extra weapons we've seen being promoted in Japan?
No Toynami didn't mention and I forgot to ask. Like I said in the article I wrote up on the visit we litteraly only had 30 mins and there was so much to discuss it slipped my mind.

Fort Max Wrote:
> The Megahouse ones are sounding better then CM's
> now, has anyone handled both yet?
> Their (MH) Yellow Belmont figure looks nigh on
> perfect (my fave design), all I need to see is
> swords plus open missile hatches and I'm sold.
> Not so interested in the Johnathon variant, one
> for completists I think.
> Atom, If Toynami are distributing these did they
> say anything about the extra weapons we've seen
> being promoted in Japan?
Ok, cheers for the reply.
I'd guess no on the weapons, but the points will be on the inside flap, so we might need the Alt man to do some serious mailing for us. Hell I still need someone to send in for my figures from the Rabidlydog.
Anonymous User

Seems the final paint job is a bit different. The lower arms aren't painted to match the upper, like in the early pics, probably because the paint would wear. The face looks odd under the visor, but it may be the plastic packaging distorting the image.

Other than that it looks good.
Can't tell from the pics if Megahouse went back and gave the green bike Yellow Dancer/Leroy Jones's big-boy tires.

After the Wonderfest pics came out, I sort of understood Sanjeev's point about the bikes being a tad small. I think a lot of that has to do with the tires.

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Megahouse Pic:

Early review from HK:

Review is not so good. Main complains are: all plastic, need to swap fragile pieces to transform, wheels are hard plastic.

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Anonymous User
I still think it looks great. We knew the toy was going to be plastic, we new it was parts swapping, and i figured the tires were plastic.

I don't know how anybody thinks the cms looks better than this one.
I Babelfished the review and here's what I extracted..

The reviewer is saying that either he can't complete something in the transformation or that he doesn't fully know how..something about he "can't complete the shape". I don't think he's saying anything is fragile..(but I could be wrong). And I think he doesn't like how the figure looks aesthetically? or the head maybe? His total time playing with it before the review was 60 minutes I think.
The tires are actually solid rubber, according to the reviewer at Macrossworld. Some parts swapping and such, but the reviewer claimed the toy's pretty sturdy, not fragile.
Just like I said in my article for Toynami.


gingaio Wrote:
> The tires are actually solid rubber, according to
> the reviewer at Macrossworld. Some parts swapping
> and such, but the reviewer claimed the toy's
> pretty sturdy, not fragile.
The review convinced me and I ordered a Ray type last night, now HLJ have changed the date to Mar.
I know that's only tomorrow but I thought these were out already.

In case anyone here hasn't seen it, HLJ's (rather good this year) Wondefest gallery has this snap of a Megahouses promotional poster confirming that they'll be doing Houquet to complete all the main riders,

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That's been known for some time, so is CM's. The MH version of the Belmont was farther along though. I'm waiting for the Bartley type, it's my favorite one and it always seems to get the shaft for merchandise. Fucking ironic it's the last one both are doing eh?

It's all made in China, so you're better off ordering it from there.
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