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It appears that Aoshima will be "improving" the Masterpiece Collection Alphas for their Japanese release.
Interesting. I wonder if Beagle is going to be importing Toynami's upcoming cyclone. And come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a company importing and "fixing" the Wave Macross so that it's, like, actually a toy. Maybe Toynami can do that!
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Shit, that's awesome news! I love the MPC Alphas, but man, they're not of the best quality, and the components don't flush properly when you bring them together in the fighter mode! I eventually got rid of my red one. Another gripe was that the landing gears were practically useless since the underside of the fighter even goes beyond their height. Although it doesn't happen on mine, I also heard form the shopowner (whom I bought from) that he elbow joints were prone to breakage if you pull them too hard during transformation.

If Aoshima fixes these design bugs, it might be something I'm looking forward to getting.

However, I'm still more anxious to see hwo the CMs one will turn out. So far, the proportions look better and I know I wouldn't have to wait too long for the Beta fighter since the proto is already out. We'll just see.
Wow, looks like CM's product just got some actual compettion. Of course, it won't mean a thing if Toynami are going to can their Beta or charge a less than attractive price for it.
Call me crazy, but I'm skeptical towards the improvement. I think I'll wait until both are out (cm and aoshima) before I make a decision on which to get.

I'll be frank though, I'm already leaning towards CM's releases.
Aha! There I was postulating on MW that Aoshima could just, you know, possibly, maybe put some real improvements on the MPC Alpha because they've never knowingy sold crap as far as I know, even when it's a rebadge of someone else's goods.

I'll bet Aoshima is working REAL HARD so as to be able to announce some kind of plan for a Tread in the face of CM's 2-pack. To NOT do so would be marketing suicide, IMO. Likewise, I hope this fires-up CM's to make damn sure theirs is a big hit w/o any major showstoppers... unlike some slackers who think CAD solves everything.
I'd rather have not have the Tread be bothered with and just make a bigger Alpha/Legioss, around the same size as the Gakken.


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Screw that, we've never seen a Tread in toy form. To not make one is a shame along the same lines of never having a Guyver dolly until just a couple of years ago.

The time is now, gentlemen.
I agree, if these sell then there will be a chance for a bigger Leigoss later on.
CM's now need to do a set of blind box figures to give their product the marketing edge, bikes in both modes, figures, Jims jeep, some of the Smaller Inbit and maybe even one off characters like Rainy Boy!
Yeah, and the 1/48 scale is just fine. It's perfect for scale displays with the Yamato Valkyries, and its not too big that a Beta/Tread would be impossible to make.
Wow. This could be very cool if its done right.

My number one complaint, QC aside, is that Toynami really jacked up the scale by releaseing these as 1/55. They further reinforced that by including 1/55 scale pilots.

If Aoshima does this right, they will remold the cockpit to accept a 1/48 pilot instead. If they do that, plus these other improvements, these things will be perfect!


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I really wanted one of the Toynami Alphas but all those QC problems scared me from even consideration. Aoishima or CM might change that.


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I had a Toynami Alpha and the overall parts fit and QC was so crummy that I got rid of it pretty fast. If Aoishima can fix those problems, which honestly wouldn't take that much effort, I'd be happy to get another one. Although like many of you I'm interested in the CM version almost by default.
Tommy Yune from Harmony Gold appeared on today's Space Station Liberty podcast and gave some information about the Aoshima Legioss toys. Apparently they will have the same outer shell as the Toynami ones, but with new improved joints and connections on the inside. You can get the scoop straight from him here at the end of the Jonathan Brands interview:

So they're using the old imai kits then.
Updates on new MOSPEADA toys from CM's Corporation, Aoshima, and Beagle:

Oh, so that Mospeada ride armor is the one from Beagle? When I saw this on macrossworld, I assumed it was also a CM's release.
So much money to be saved and then washed away, all in the name of memory.

Wait, what's the 1/10 item listed in bottom right?

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The ride armor pic is from Megahouse. There's no pic of the Beagle release there.

What an explosion of Mospeada stuff!

I have to say, the CMs Corp Legioss/Tread combo says 'win' to me because of my stupid fetish for obsessive attention to detail. IF that pic is right and it includes not only a scale pilot on bike...not only a pilot in ride armor...not only a pilot figure in the 'underarmor, but ALSO the folded for storage bike?

Win. solid win.

Hope to god the Tread's landing gear is diecast, that's gonna be a very fragile part otherwise...
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Wow. Thanks, Roger. Now I can look at these every day until they are released.

Thoughts running through my head:

1. I like the proportions on the CM's Legioss, notwithstanding the fact that it's 'leggier' than the anime or Gakken depictions.

2. Wait, Megahouse is also producing a Ride Armor? Damn. And it looks good too- the hips appear to be on ball-joints. Can't wait to see the Beagle release.

3. The CM's version comes with little rider figures- awesome! And I don't recall the Legioss ever wielding a sword, but I assume it must have occurred at some point...

I seriously cannot wait for the CM's set to be released. Although my wallet flinches a bit in anticipation of the amount that it is likely to cost, judging from the price point of their Patlabor figures in the same line.
One of these Legioss's I'll have to get, just waiting for everyone to give their two-cents.


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Megahouse, eh? Wow, didn't expect that.

I am liking the Tread more since the first time I saw it, those built-in missile bays are cool. The sword for the Legioss comes from a dream episode. And the Toynami Legioss did come with a folded-up MOSPEADA that you could stow in the chest, but it rattled around in an unsettling fashion.
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"Mommy, what are those airplanes DOING?"

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Roger, or anyone, I see that they're improving on the joint while using the same molds. Any chance there was mention on using a better, or different, plastic?

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Nothing that I've heard.
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Looks like Aoshima's throwing a modified version of the Toynami Tread into the ring. No details as to what exactly will be changed, or when it's coming out, but apparently they're planning to sell it, according to 2ch chatter...

Also: sounds like one of the mysterious "improvements" mentioned before is that unlike their Toymani ancestors, the Aoshima Legioss fighters won't require removal of the shoulder sensor to transform.
Aoshima's display at Shizuoka...

Ride Armor and Tread

The whole spread...

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Kwesi K. Wrote:
> Aoshima's display at Shizuoka...
> Legioss
> [www.geocities.jp]
> zuoka2007/pla/dscn4780.htm
Additional missile pod spotted on green Legioss...

Is the Ride Armor the same on as Toynami is going to put out or their own? Plus, what about the one from Beagle?


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More from Yaco:


The TLEAD is almost definitely Toynami's prototype, or based on Toynami's prototype. This could be cool.
Translation from nifty:

The tread for which Hwang in the world waits eagerly is an AOSHIMA re-design,

It is sale determination almost rightly.

Since priority is given to the sale as ROBOTEKKU about muslin PIDA,

It is said that sale in Japan is still undecided.

Muslin. Well, that settles that.
Cool, looks like we're gonna have a no holds barred fight to the finish line.

Personally, having just seen those picture of Aoshimas gorgeous new paint jobs CM's version doesn't seem like such a clear winner anymore.
Is the Aoshima one going to have more diecast than the original Toynami? What about CM's?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
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I quoth Yaco:

"You can see the improvements in the top photo. I originally wrote that one of the improvements would be that the toy could transform without removing the shoulder sensor, but the Aoshima staff told me that wasn't the case. It has to be removed, just like the Toynami version. Also, they (Aoshima) changed the coloring to be closer to the appearance in the anime, but it isn't clear as to if it's possible to achieve these colors with plastic, so they say they are currently aiming to paint the entire toys. The Tread toy that people the world over have been waiting for has been redesigned by Aoshima and it is almost 100% definite that it will be sold. The Mospeda Ride Armor has to be sold as a Robotech toy first, so its release in Japan remains undecided."
Megahouse is looking good...
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Megahouse is looking pretty damn good so far indeed. Looking foward to seeing their progress later down the line
Do they plan to only do the blue Beta? Weren't there other colored ones in the anime?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
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