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Sanjeev (Admin)
Agreed. 1/10 is just too arbitrary. 1/6 would put it in the same league as a lot of existing elite toys (provided it does turn out nice!).
drifand Wrote:
> Same here... I'm a scale-whore when it comes to
> 'realistic' mecha and right now, 1/18 is a sweet
> spot, especially with the CM's great proportions
> and Yamato's arbitrary 1/15 bike-mecha. The Beagle
> is technically superlative but the cloth-suit
> isn't doing it any favors, especially around the
> thighs.
> It will still make for a fantastic display piece
> but it'll be hard to find other same-scale shelf
> companions.

Agreed, 1/18 is definitely a sweet spot for scale. It reminds me of the old days when I used to put my GI Joes in my Star Wars vehicles, matching the better figures with the two series' vehicles. Drifand, how does the Gorem and it's 1/20 pilot look when mixed up with the 118th Irregulars?
Off-hand, the Gorem's pilots are about a whole head shorter than 1/18 Microman... I guess if the whole Zoids24 world was populated by 5-feet tall dudes, they'd fit right in :-)
Anonymous User
Miss Yellow has arrived.

Looks like they added some rotators under the elbow.

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He's a bit too stockily built, but otherwise it's a nice looking toy.

More serious than thou
CM's continues to thrill and dismay. Gotta love the 'puckered' tailpipe though ;-)
That's Megahouse, not CMs. But yeah, it's a nice sphincter. :p
Sanjeev (Admin)
Sorry to be US-centric, but isn't Toynami going to be releasing the Megahouse versions in the States for real cheap??? I haven't been following the news as closely as I should be, but last I heard, these were going to be $40-50 here.

Now, I've handled (delicately!) the CM's ride armor--and was pretty disappointed--but I haven't messed around with the Megahouse yet. All I have to go on is Atom's review. I still think the bike looks too small (especially with the way the rider looks humping the thing)...but all I'm saying is that $50 is pretty damn cheap for a "modern" Japanese robot toy these days...
I've seen the MH versions in the local import shop with a Toynami sticker, and they're priced at $56 there. Been there a while now, actually. For the size and the look, and knowing what I do about their construction quality, they just don't appeal at that price, though. My opinion, etc.. etc.. blah blah blah.
More Beagle pics a few posts down...

Stick needs to look more mad. Like really mean mad.
He can't be mad when he's wearing his Mospeada jammies.
Final Japan price is set.


Looks nice, but I'll wait for the Toynami release, maybe.
Anonymous User
I don't see how Toynami can release this for so much less money.
Sanjeev (Admin)
It's magic.
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm definitely feeling those latest pics; thanks for posting the link, Chirico. ...But I always get a little nervous when I see something propping up the armored form. I wish they'd release pictures of it free-standing. If the thing can't balance properly, that's a huge minus. I need something that's stable on my shelf in a reasonably natural pose. Stand=doo-doo.

You've just insulted my grandmother. Have at you!
Yeah, I really wanted to both hate and love the Beagle version but at the moment I am feeling a lot of lukewarmness towards it....The scale is wonky, the fabric looks a little silly, and the boots look too small...on the other hand I like how the boots look while riding the motorcycle...

Still on the fence...I do like that Toynami will be bringing these over at a better price that goes a long way to making me want one...
I keep flip-flopping on this toy because the Ride Armor Mode looks unbalanceed/top-heavy and the side view of said mode has these huge oddish and awkward tires.

But then I see a picture like this and I just think its the Mospeada toy of my dreams:


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Sanjeev (Admin)
Y'all are funny.

The way I look at it, sure, it ain't perfect. Boots WAY too small...but, hey, they look more "realistic" (buh!?) and make him look cooler mounted on the bike. I guess you could argue with the ride armor proportions (too top-heavy, weird tires, too this, too that).

...But I think the bottom line is that, for most people, this toy is the best game in town.

Sure, drifand can get down with the CM's; I can dig it. But we agree to disagree--I handled that toy, and nothing's going to change my opinion: it's ASS. The most fiddly, finnicky piece of pigeon-turd I've handled in a LONG time.

The Megahouse is all right, I guess. ...If you don't mind super-light plastic bits popping off all the time. The thing may as well be made outta Lego's: you have to take the whole thing apart and put it back together again in a different arrangement. That ain't "transformation".

This Beagle *appears* to look good and feature perfect transformation. If it proves to be a robust toy, I think it's a no-brainer among this new generation of New Generation offerings.
That picture makes me want a life-size Gallant H90 toy.
Sanjeev: I think you've hit the nail on the head...The Beagle (barring crazy QC issues) is shaping up to be the best of the current crop of Mospeada offerings, and does anyone really think that there will be another...I will probably buy this one simply because there is a hole in my collection and I don't see anything better coming down the pipe anythime soon...I will, also, probably buy Toynami's Tlead/Beta for the same reason.
What would be super cool is if they fuck up the scaling in Yamato fasion and the resulting pilot pilot actually comes out to 1/12. 1/10 is really wonky. I guess if they make the other models you could get a decent display out of them.
Yeah... a undersized 1/10 would be excellent, especially since many motorcycle collectibile models are in 1/12. Say 'hello' to MONOSEED and Kaneda, Stick :-)
Why? 1/10th scale is perfect to put it next to most hobby-grade RC cars...

Even though the Beagle looks nice, it's not a neccessity for me nor is it something I'd even consider buying. I'm one of the few nutjobs who is not only satisfied with the CMs but actually still prefers the look of it over all of the others. I hope the Beagle turns out to be a quality toy, although it'll be tough for it to live up to people's expectations. From what I've read on the internets a lot of people are already treating this toy like it dropped out of God's vagina.
Finally got my Toynami-branded MH Ley. I wish I had kept up with this discussion, when I originally preordered it I thought it was the Masterpiece version, not the MH with English instructions and stickers all over the box. Ah well. I also thought that it came with the big gun that Stick has, but alas, it wasn't to be.

What are all the pieces on the sprues for? There is no mention at all in the instructions about them. In fact, there's not even a mention about how to use the kickstand.

I see BBTS has the masterpieces for preorder for around 75 bucks... are they really going to release the Beagle here for one third of the price? How are they going to prevent the Japanese fans from just waiting and importing them?

I'm also considering preordering the Beta/Tread, but I don't even have the alpha... I guess Aoshima's is shoddier than Toynami's so should I try to track down some Toynami versions? Are they still readily available, or do I have to settle for the Shadow Chronicles ones that are coming out?
Well I bit the bullet and pre-ordered the Beagle release. I'm sold enough to take the chance on it I'll be sure to let everyone know when it hits in November. :o
I went Beagle as well, I'm skeptical about Toynami and how they will supposedly get it for less. A few outfits are selling preorders for about the same as what the Toynami one would be shipped, so I'm not getting fleeced too much.

As for BBTS, that's the old preorder that's been up for ages and is for the previous design and price point. Until Toynami officially announces what they're doing nobody can really offer a serious preorder without some major strings attached.

I bought two of the Aoshimas and I have a Toynami. All were fine and for the money, the Aoshimas are cheaper/easier to track down. I beleive that the Betas will be painted to match the Aoshimas, since it would be kind of dumb to try to market a toy that is an add-on to something that's been unavailable for a few years instead of what's on the shelves now, but it IS Toynami we're talking about.
Chirico Cuvie Wrote:
> I beleive that the
> Betas will be painted to match the Aoshimas, since
> it would be kind of dumb to try to market a toy
> that is an add-on to something that's been
> unavailable for a few years instead of what's on
> the shelves now, but it IS Toynami we're talking
> about.

I think matching the paint of a toy you're selling in America to one that was only sold in Japan is dumber. We'll see.
I believe its already been confirmed that they will match the Toynami's. Not sure if it was on CollectionDX or Macrossworld.
Semi OT but I watched the OVA Love Live Alive. I'm going to put it up on my blog soon.

Very little new footage but basically has many the best action scenes from the Mospeada series.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Those Aoshimas are all over the US in web shops, ebay, and various shops that cater to imports like Revoltech. They are in no way hard to find and are priced about $60.

While the MP are more difficult to find and priced higher since they are "collectible" now.

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Vincent Z. Wrote:
> Semi OT but I watched the OVA Love Live Alive. I'm
> going to put it up on my blog soon.
> Very little new footage but basically has many the
> best action scenes from the Mospeada series.

I saw that many years ago, aside from Jim with a beard, it offered nothing but music videos. The Macross one was still a bit better in comparison.
So why not reissue the Toynami alphas? I guess the betas are limited enough and expensive enough that they'll sell out of their stock anyway...
My hope is that they'll do exactly that and reissue the alphas with the betas, and maybe, just ... maybe, they'll fix the damn things and take out all the suck.

But they're "Limited Editions."
So was MP Voltron, and they're re-releasing him at 1/4 the price in a different box without diecast. A die-castless Toynami Alpha might actually have a hope of not turning into a floppy broken mess. Again, maybe.
Anonymous User
Dicast-less Voltron? That's actually a bit of an investment on the part of Toynami. That's all new tooling to replace the diecast pieces with ABS.

Tooling ain't cheap. They must be planning on a wider release for it sometime in the future. Maybe more overseas markets?
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