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Luckily, CM's is around to cater to the humorless.

Thanks to: 'Save' at MW.
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Wow! Most excellent pictorial, but I'm wondering if the transformation is less perfect than the Gakken or CM's? (Oxymoron, yes I know.) It looks like the bike's front cowl/upper chest halves need to be re-attached. Oh well, hope for a more detailed report in the months ahead...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Holy crap, that's smoking hot. Looks-wise, I feel that this Beagle takes the prize. Even if the cowl halves need to be re-attached, I can easily forgive that because of how gorgeous this thing is.

Of course, with the current offerings being suspect for various reasons, it'll pay to wait and see...especially if it comes out that substantially *more* parts-swapping/toy leprosy is necessary.

I'm just sorta surprised that no official pricepoint info has been released yet...
Don't forget the absurd rumor mongering of that ¥60,000 price.
I'm thinking the cowls don't have to be removed. I think they where to show the arm gauntlets can stay attached in armor mode.

But ya, so far the prototype is looking good. Again, I doubt very much its going to be in the $600 range...
I agree (with the cowl business, not the price estament) (also with Atom..), looking at the hinges in the front of the bike, you can see there is a piece(s) that keeps the cowls attached at all times.

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Preorder up for MH Belmont. It appears to come with one of the elusive mail-in wepons.

The ¥20,000 comment seems premature, I'm still thinking it's anywhere between $80-$120. It all depends on the Toynami deal right now. A November date is shown, so there's still some time before this gets resolved.

I'm so used to the big boots on all the previous versions that the thin legs are a bit off-putting. I think perhaps the should be a tad bit thicker, those look more like how the Bartley should look. Other than that it's nice to see it all painted and near final form.
It's definitely neat looking, but the thin boots are definitely a bit strange looking considering the big-'ol-stompyboot 80's heritage of the design.

Still, construction-wise it's hopefully better than the CM's and Megahouse offerings.
The thin boots do make the rider look better on the bike. The helmet looks a bit weird to me, but that's not a big deal either.
Methinks the perfect Ride Armor will never exist. Something always gets fucked when trying to make one mode or the other look better. The boots are way too thin, the line art is fatter in all instances, even in bike mode, this needs to change if they plan to try and make it the "superior" version. Those are fine for Bartley, it looks quite good in that regard actually, but for the male version it's just wrong.

I hate to say it but the Toynami one is looking better right now.
The Beagle looks good, but for some reason I actually like it less now that I see it painted.

Overall I still prefer the proportions and look of the CMs.
Anonymous User
Meh, im still undecided on the looks of this one, the tiny legs are really bothering me. The wheels also look huge in armor mode. I thought it was cool how they attached the arm guards with an "exoskeleton" like was shown in some lineart earlier, not sure if it was here or over at MW.

Also, until we get a confirmed price, im just going to keep expecting this thing to cost a million bajillion dollars.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm not that bothered by the small feet...simply because it still looks pretty good in armor mode. In fact, while I know it's not how it looks in the cartoon, the smaller feet make the rider look cooler on the bike (and walking around separate from the bike/armor).

Anyway, I'm more concerned about balance. The bike bits extend out pretty far to the rear in armor mode...I don't want a stand to be obligatory.
Anonymous User
I've got the feeling that the tiny legs are in part due to the lens on the camera. It looks to me like there's some real foreshortening going on in those shots.

The digital camera I use has the same problem. Makes figures shot at eye-level to the figure look like they've got slightly-smaller legs.
Anavel Wrote:
> I thought it was
> cool how they attached the arm guards with an
> "exoskeleton" like was shown in some lineart
> earlier, not sure if it was here or over at MW.

I agree. The exoskeletal connections between the backpack and the arms and legs really make this suit look realistic. Actually, I think this is the first time I've ever looked at the ride armor and thought it looked remotely plausible as a mecha.

Anonymous User

I don't know what it is, something about this thing still fails to overly impress me.
It's hard for me to get excited for the Beagle since I don't know what to expect from them. It could be the best toy ever, the worst toy ever or (more realistically) somewhere in between.

For now the CMs is good enough for me, but if the Beagle gets really stellar reviews I'll be tempted to pick one up.
MattAlt (Admin)
Well, at least we finally have a price, or at least a potential price: "they're aiming to keep the price at around 20,000 yen."
Fuck that's awesomely done. Out of my price range of course.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
MattAlt Wrote:
> Well, at least we finally have a price, or at
> least a potential price: "they're aiming to keep
> the price at around 20,000 yen."

. . .

What scale was this thing again?

1/12, so a whopping six-ish inches tall.
The site says it's 1/10 scale.
1/10, so about 7-8 inches. Although with how some companies ignore proper scales who knows. Yamato seems to think 1/15 is so close to 1/18 they're the same so they'll just call it 1/15 and hope nobody owns another toy to compare it to.

So far my interest has dropped, maybe if they deal with Toynami and make it US friendly price-wise.
So it does. I could have sworn that I read 1/12. Ah well. Still around the same itty-bitty-for-all-that-money size range, though. I eagerly anticipate reviews, either way.

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In case anyone cares, the CM's Yellow/Lancer is up for preorder over at Angolz. Drifand, do you know of another resource for those after market struts? It's not looking good for those over at HLJ.
Well, google says eBay has a few sellers offering the Kotobukiya parts... The CM's Blowsuperior is on order here in Singapore for approx. 60USD. I am a little bit disappointed in the chest-missile pod no-show, but will probably get it anyway to complete the 1/18 line-up.
Anonymous User
And to go with your Dark Legioss, you can have a black Ride Armor:

Beagle looks final-versionish and awesome.

Other stuffs as well.

MattAlt (Admin)
Kudos to the Beagle guys for pulling it off, but man, does using cloth make you realize what a dork an actual human being would look like in the riding suit...!
That black Ride Armor looks really, really cool. Anybody know if that was a WF exclusive, or just a first release for it?

Anonymous User
WF Exclusive
As each new recent photo of the Beagle has been shown my interest has dropped. Now I can safely say it's off my radar and I have pretty close to zero interest left for it. There's just something about the overall look that doesn't sit right with me. Also the cloth bodysuit seemed like a good idea at first but now it looks rather unsightly to me, although it does lend a certain Spiral Zone charm to it. I'm glad it's coming out, and I'm glad Toynami is using it for their Masterpiece. Hopefully the people that weren't satisfied with CMs or Megahouse will be appeased with this one. And I'm still amazed how many treats us Mospeada fans are getting right now.

The CMs Houquet looks tempting. I was hoping they'd change the sculpt to make it look more femanine, and they did. Hopefully they'll include a helmetless head so she can let her hair down.
Same here... I'm a scale-whore when it comes to 'realistic' mecha and right now, 1/18 is a sweet spot, especially with the CM's great proportions and Yamato's arbitrary 1/15 bike-mecha. The Beagle is technically superlative but the cloth-suit isn't doing it any favors, especially around the thighs.

It will still make for a fantastic display piece but it'll be hard to find other same-scale shelf companions.
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm normally a scale-whore, myself...and I *do* love the proportions on the CM's...but once I handled a couple at JoshB's, I was pretty much turned completely off. The floppy-fiddliness totally killed the mood.

Ironically, every new picture of the Beagle is getting me more interested. I think the cloth's neat...though they probably should have used some sort of stretchy nylon with a glossy sheen.

Anyway, I don't get the price tag of the Beagle--the WF sign says 24000 yen, but George Sohn said they would go for $130-140 here. What the dilly?
There's no way that thing will ever sell for less than $200. Regardless of the price, I look forward to reviews of the thing and will probably get a Ley version, assuming it gets made. I suppose a Houquet type is too much to hope for?
Methinks they should've done a Yamato and gone BIG... as in 1/6 scale BIG. Stretchy nylon suits for 1/6 are easy peasey. I'd pony up $250 in a blink.
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