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I've tried to visually scale the two ride armor versions, and I'll bet the CM bike will be scaled to be as small with the figure as Megahouse's, and I wouldn't be surprised if CM's doesn't have as good of a fit as does the Megahouse bike with the riders. That's just my bet.

Here's a little pic comparison:




The Megahouse version just looks sloppy and untoylike to my eyes. That and the fact that Megahouse has never made a toy I liked; CMs BG line has been so damned impressive lately; and the CM version looks both accurate and FUN...

And Megahouse's Stig and Rey look so weirdly ugly with their goose necks and dislocated shoulders.

Not much of contest really. I pre-ordered CMs Rey version as soon as it showed up on HLJ and can hardly wait to get the thing.
Sanjeev (Admin)
xiombarg Wrote:
> ...well, I
> guess if you aren't into detailed sculpt or color,
> and you like a smaller, semi transparent plastic
> look, then the CM version is right for you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...or, rather, detail is in the lens of the camera.

Those CM's photos all have light backgrounds and the pictures are a bit over-exposed and washed out. The Megahouse pics have much better contrast because of the medium background and proper exposure time.

I don't think anything for certain about the quality of the materials can be told from the pics. We'll have to see when they actually drop...I'm sure there'll be plenty of comparison reviews from folks who get both.


Of course, then there's always Toynami's version. Anyone happen to know what scale those are in?


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Well, the CM's stuff I've bought lately has been nicely done. I'll lean their way based on record alone.
MattAlt (Admin)
They were on display at Superfest along with the Legioss/Tread. Look great, but very plastic-y and action-figure-y (which may be a good thing, depending on your viewpoint.) The big issue is the price. 6,000 yen doesn't seem like a bargain for something this small.

Let's Blow!

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I love the old-school 'plastic toy' approach CMS is using for the Mospeada toys. Sucks for those who like more detail and paint aps, but at least there is the MegaHouse and Toynami also coming out. With all the different ones coming out hopefully there will be something for everyone.
Ah, i see a hinge pin, looks like he'll have the rack of rockets!

Thanks for the pic Matt.
Not sure why I didn't notice until seeing these pics, but that is one HUGE gunpod for the Legioss. I like it. I love that they're making Yellow, too. That may be the only mospeada I get aside from Stig.

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Anonymous User
Did anyone notice that the 'battroid' modes are not very much taller than the ride armor figures? Looks to me like these are going to be slightly smaller than Ingram, Gyakuten Oh, etc.

That said, I wonder which areas will be diecast. Accurate or not, they're looking really good. Better than anything that's been released so far. Depending on my finances when these get released, I think I'll pick up the red & blue ones.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Amuro-Ray Wrote:
> Accurate or not, they're looking really good...

Ya think?

Again, I don't care about accuracy, but in terms of looks, I find these "sorta not bad". The Toynami/Aoshima ones, I think, look MUCH better...of course, under the hood, they're apparently crap. Just talking looks here.

And I'm sure some folks out there care about cartoon accuracy. I think the Toynami/Aoshima ones win in that category as well.
Toynami are typical to what they've done in the past. They take a design from a previous release and modify it. One could argue it's lazy, the other could argue "why fix what ain't broke", but once it gets to production it becomes moot since it's now a crapshoot what you get for your $80.

I swore I would stick to one company but I'm now in for both sets of CM's and MH. Both are making all four, and MH showed a weird Inbit sofubi to whet our appetite, along with a Mint figure to ride behind Rei. I'll wait and see if Toynami/Aoshima gets around to the Bartley, it's the one I've always liked most and it seems to always get overlooked for merchandise.

I'm skeptical of the Beagle release. They're a tiny outfit that's only done a handful of static figures with no mecha experience to speak of. They've been talking Mospeada just as long as the others, but still have nothing to show beyond line art and the tempting 1/10 scale. At first I thought they were subcontracted by Toynami, but apparently they're not. I'm still not sure if it's been confirmed it's not a resin kit. But one has to wonder, if all these others come out in the next several months, will there be a Mospeada market left?
MattAlt Wrote:
> Ironically, none of the stuff we grew up
> collecting was particularly "anime accurate" and
> we loved it anyway!
> Bitch about price/size all ya want, but "realism?"
> "Accuracy?" HA! Dangerous road ahead there, guys.
> Nothing but blue blue rain in your soul that way.
> 'Cause if ya ask me, the CM's design is a quantum
> leap ahead of the LAST round of Ride Armor toys in
> this scale. I don't think it'd be possible for a
> human to WALK in those clunky-ass boots, let alone
> ride a motorcycle...!

I grew up with the old Gakkens, and I never cared for the little ones. They were way too flimsy and practically broke right out of the box. When I see them go for more than $50+ each I'm always amazed.

I look at these new ones as their modern equivalent.
What's this about a 1/10 Ride Armor?
Forgive my ignorance, but is Dachshund a toy company? Or did you mean Beagle?
Gotcha. :)
Dumb question.

For this purposes of this particular toy are the Aoshima, Megahouse, and Toynami all the same version? BBTS has a preorder up, but has priced the Megahouse version different from the Toynami version.

The only other versions we're talking about are CM Corp and Beagle, correct?

Just trying to keep all this straight.

A little video from Megahouse's Web site that might be of some interest:


A bit of toy leprosy involved, but I prefer the size and looks over CMs's offering, though getting them all might not be a terrible idea either.

BTW, these toys do nothing for me. Ouch, my wallet!
I wish the toy really made those sounds.

I had a feeling that the Megahouse ver. would require some disassembly. There didn't seem to be a large enough hole to fit the head though. Wonder if Cm's will be more accurate to the show.

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Wow. The Beagle looks so good.
Ah ha, so the Beagle version wasn't a mistake, the waiting game starts anew.
Megahouse, CM's, Beagle, and Toynami/Aoshima are all different. That's four companies making the same thing in the same year.

Welcome to the party.

The general consensus is that the Megahouse is the most accuarate, the CM's is the most playable, the Toynami/Aoshima is a remake of the imai model kit with a little bit of Gakken design thrown in. The biggest mystery is the Beagle one, which has been known of for over a year, but still has nothing to show but designs and CAD drawings. This new stuff looks promising, but I'm starting to get that too-good-to-be-true feeling that I felt before the Toynami Veritechs came out.
Yaco has a good overvew of this year's MOSPEADA product offerings in his log:


Summary: Ride armors and Legioss/TLEADS from CM's Corporation, Ride armors from Megahouse, Ride armors from Beagle, Ride armors from Toynami.
I'm still amazed at the idea of FOUR different Ride Armors coming out at the same time (more or less). This is a toy that up until recently I didn't think would get made by even ONE company.
I never had any interest in the ride armors, but I was hoping someone would step up to the plate and make some Inbit. I'm satisfied that we're getting a good-looking TLEAD, though.

I know I'm the eternal pessimist regarding this subject, but I wouldn't expect any more MOSPEADA merchandise beyond what is already being solicited now. After 2008 is over, the anniversary is over, and the Japanese will go back to not caring about the show.

Smoke 'em while ya got 'em.
Maybe some Revoltech Legioss still?


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Megahouse showed that sofubi inbit. What their plans are for it are anyone's guess. I'm thinking limited release with inflated price, ala CM's Patlabor offerings.

Inbit would be nice, but they go hand in hand with the Zentraedi for most overlooked toy to not get made category. There's still old Matchbox.
Yeah, that Inbit is a mystery. At Wonderfest, Yaco spoke to them about it and was told it was just a mock-up done for the show, but apparently Joseph at HLJ got a different story:


Still, no pre-order, so right now it's as vaporous as the Toynami Beta.
Anonymous User
Hot damn, it sure looks good. Although this is my most favourite among all of the 3 Ride Armor figs, I had slight reservations about the design being too toy-like it might not look as pretty nor as proportional as its anime counterpart. However, upon seeing the photos, it sure matches up pretty well. The proportions are even more realistic than the megahouse version. I can't wait for this to be released here.
Shame, it's tiny. Glad I canceled my pre-order already.
I'm very happy I preordered this. It looks to be the great TOY that I was hoping it would be. I'm guessing I wont need the MH version once I get this in my hands.

Alright HLJ, where's my payment request email already?
I'm missing something. How are you supposed to be able to tell which version is in the box?
Is there a flap that lifts up maybe?
Anonymous User
These things look itty bitty, I knew the price was too good to be true
The packaging is one of the main complain actually: They only made one box with big "Stick" printed on it. The Ley version will have a big "Ley" sticker covering the "Stick" name.
CM's mospeada was announced as being 1/18 from the very beginning...exactly how big were people expecting them to be?
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