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No news yet on other colors.

There were green ones in the first episode of MOSPEADA, red ones in the Sentinels video, and Shadow ones in Shadow Chronicles.
Super-cool full scratch build of the TLEAD:

That's excellent. I'd not mind part-swapping if the end result looked like that.
Roger Wrote:
> Super-cool full scratch build of the TLEAD:

Wow! That's the first version of the Tread I've seen that looks great in both modes! Wonderful work.

So is there any news regarding release dates for the Mospeada toys from CM's, Megahouse and Beagle? How about the Toynami Beta and Cyclone? I'm asking because I'm trying to budget my purchases for the next 12 months. =)
No concrete news other than what's been posted so far. I'd keep watching HLJ's site for pre-order dates and prices:

Keep watching Yaco's blog, too. He's MOSPEADA's #1 fan:

Yaco reports that the Aoshima Legioss toys have been delayed. Originally they were coming out in July, now they are coming out in September:


That's actually a relief for me. More time to save.
Nothing new on the CM's set this month then? :(
More pics from SDCC:


You can see their solution for docking the Beta with the Alpha in robot mode here:


Essentially it's a replacement boom that fits into the crotch and has a holder for the folded-back nosecone, and that boom fits into a display stand.

Check out the Beta's cockpit, too. Looks like it's going to open up so you can see the pilot inside. Apparently some compromises had to be made with the design of that, because the cockpit uses "anime magic" to fold back inside while it's docked with the Alpha.

Another gallery here:

Anonymous User
Is it just me or does the Ride Armor look squatter than it used to?
Here's the first information regarding a release date for the Beta. Toynami's site says "spring":

Yaco has posted that the Aoshima Legioss is now being released in mid-October:

Yaco is reporting that the Legioss has been delayed yet again (How many times is this? I've lost count.) until Late October or early November.
Any word on CM's version?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
None that I've seen.
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WHich company is that from since more than one is doing the Ride Armor?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Vincent Z. Wrote:
> WHich company is that from since more than one is
> doing the Ride Armor?

CM's Corporation
1/18 scale... that's Microman size.
Megahouse version:

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MattAlt (Admin)
Megahouse = 13 cm (5in) tall, 6,090 yen, due out in February.

CM's = 1/18 scale (3 3/4 in?), price unknown, release unknown, Stick & Rey versions to be released simultaneously.
Plus Beagles 1/10 or 1/12 - I forget which and Toynami/Aoshima's 1/15 (I belive)

Mospeadas out the wazoo!
Fort Max Wrote:
> Plus Beagles 1/10 or 1/12 - I forget which and
> Toynami/Aoshima's 1/15 (I belive)
> Mospeadas out the wazoo!

Beagle = Megahouse.
Oh, that's interesting because HLJ have two differnt Mospeadas from two different companys in two different scales shown in their recent hobby show gallery.

Which I can't find a link to on HLj itself...
Are these up for preorder anywhere yet?
MattAlt (Admin)
Yaco reports that while the Aoshima Legioss diecast was said to have been delayed until November, it's actually shipping now and could hit stores as early as tomorrow.
Anonymous User
looks about as bad, if not worse than the toynami version


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That chipped chest plate and scraped-up shoulder doesn't make a good impression on a first date:

It also looks like everything doesn't go back together again in fighter mode:

I'm now thinking about cancelling my pre-order. What say ye, yay or nay to cancelling?
I would cancel if I had preordered it. That thing looks terrible. Hopefully the CM version doesn't have the same curse.

Of course this could just be a really, really bad sample. Still, I'd hate to get a piece of crap and then be stuck with it.
Really glad I held off on the preorders for these. Early impressions from "SaveRobotech" at Macrossworld are that it's suckarific (e.g., "Oh yeah and at one point a small hollow square plastic piece fell out of the leg, and I have no idea what it goes to.").

Here's to hoping CMs doesn't screw up.
The finishing looks terrible. I guess there really wasn't much Aoshima could do to 'improve' the original quality of the molds. Wonder how the deal was struck in the first place...
I canceled my pre-order. Yeah, I'm a tool.

I don't feel good about the Beta/TLEAD now. There's two possible outcomes for the pessimist: poor sales on these will prevent Aoshima from producing it, or good sales on these will make them go ahead with it, and it will suck. Of course, the optimistic outcome is that it is produced and it truly is a masterpiece.

I'm going to make a Super-Poseable Beta out of wood.
I wonder if that guy realized that you're supposed to remove the white shoulder-mounted radar thingie before transforming to fighter mode.. may explain the lack of fit.
Shag, are you getting any of these? I remember you had a bunch of the Toynami ones.
Yes, I'm a sucker for this crap, as you know.

I'll try to put up a detailed comparison somewhere when mine shows up. HLJ doesn't seem to be shipping yet, though.
They're listed as "in stock," and when I cancelled my order they said it wouldn't take effect until they returned on November 1. They should be getting to work right now...
Roger Wrote:
> I'm going to make a Super-Poseable Beta out of
> wood.

It should be 1/32 so it's compatible with John Moscato's never-to-be-completed Super-poseable wooden Legioss.

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