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Well, the book only dedicates 8 pages of pictures for the Bullmark diecasts but the pictures are very large and clear (this book is GREAT). It doesn't seem like a complete offering however (caveat: I'm woefully ignorant about this company). The only picture containing a wide selection of the diecast toys is this:

<img src='http://members.aol.com/bronzstone/zinclon.jpg'>

I dunno if that'll answer anyone's questions or not. All the other diecast pictures feature one or another of some of the toys below. No diecast not on this shelf is depicted anywhere else in the book (though they do show some pretty fancy tin and remote toys as well as the diecast).

I think the item below piques my interest even more than the diecast:

<img src='http://members.aol.com/bronzstone/bmark.jpg'>

There are two other, different kaiju of the same size. MAN! These cannot be vinyl (they'd collapse!). I'd hate to think of the price but I'd love to have one of these! Hah! Dream on!
... no other diecasts? Is this a book about bullmark? My god what a delusion
Wow, seeing that picture of the giant kaiju brings back a lot of memories...

I myself haven't seen the Bullmark book yet but i wouldn't be surprised if one of the two other super jumbo kaijus was Gomora. I remember that one was used as an in-store display item at the old Playwell store in Hawaii during the peak of the original Kikaida craze that hit the islands in the early/mid-70's. The store has been long gone for over a decade, but i remember that for years afterwards that someone who lived a few blocks away from my house had this giant kaiju on the second story deck of their house. (i guess it was too big to be a lawn ornament...)

I never knew who lived in the house but this huge monster was always visible from the road while driving by. The next time i'm around the old neighborhood, i'll drive by and see if the jumbo kaiju is still standing on the deck. Who knows, maybe the owner still has it....
that would be worth 20.000$
Who knows how warped it would be exposed to the elements for twenty years.

I believe there was also a giant store display of Jirass.

- Roger
Yeah, the book shows giant versions of Eleking, Jirass and Gomola - WOW!
as i recall (and granted it was over 25 years ago) the figure was made of a hard plastic, sort of jumbo-like in nature. i remember going up to the display and despite all the signs that said "DO NOT TOUCH" tapping my knuckles on it having it sound as though it was hollow. i'm not a chemicals expert but i think that polyethelene is one of those materials that has a half-life of 400 years or so. at the very least, Gomora might be a little sun-burnt from 25 years of UV exposure but it's possible that he's still standing after all these years...
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Easily more than $20,000. A cherry Namegon can go for half that. I saw the Eleking Head only for sale a few years back. I don/t remember how much but I think about $5,000. But I always wondered where the rest of it went!?!

Hey, Kirk, did you check on the Gomora?
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I assume this so the skullbrainers could find the thread.

Jeez 10 years ago...

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Somebody's bored.

The Gomora is no longer sitting on out in the sun. It's sitting in someone's collection here in Hawaii but lost its tail over the years.

Roger Wrote:
> Hey, Kirk, did you check on the Gomora?
Damn! That's one lucky collector. Do you know the person? Got any current pics?
Here's an old pic from several years back. It looks like all the years outdoors in the Hawaii sun have taken its toll on Gomora.
open | download - Ultra Gomora2.jpg (80.1 KB)
So cool despite the wear, thanks for sharing!
Definitely - I really appreciate you posting an update on this.

So a general question - I was always kind of under the assumption that there were only one of each of these made. Is this true, or were there several of each? Because I find it interesting that if there was only one of each, that one would end up stateside.
Although I have no evidence to back this up, I would guess that there were more than one of each store display figure made.

The market size of Hawaii isn't that large given its total population of roughly 1 million. My guess is that if Bullmark sent a huge store display to Hawaii that they must have had more of them distributed throughout Japan where the potential market would be much larger than in Hawaii.

It's also possible that more than one of the store displays made it over to Hawaii. While I remember the Playwell store at the Pearlridge shopping center having a store display figure, it's possible that Playwell's other store locations had them as well. In addition, Shirokiya (locations at both the Ala Moana and Pearlridge shopping centers) probably had the largest Japanese toy department so it's possible that they would have been given a store display (or two) as well.
What I would do to own that thing, even in the current state! Thank you for posting the picture. Such an awesome piece of toy history there.

Just to be able to look out and see it lurking on the deck. Especially in the moonlight...
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