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CM's now has pictures of both Hercules vinyls:


Lookitthat, the arms move!

Here are the HLJ links:

They cheated on the movie edition! It's supposed to have slightly different shoulder plates... :-/

Good to see the return of some articulation, but I only ordered the TV version this time. Had a feeling something was up when for the longest time the Movie ver was only shown as line art.
Still waiting for a Python. The working labors are pretty much done unless they plan to cover all the various military and villain labors too. There's plenty to do but I don't know how long the appeal will last for overpriced sofubi with little/no articulation. I like the sofubi, but I'm only going for the ones I like the design of, since the price is prohibitive. The Tyrant was a no-brainer, but I've yet to get another. The Taisyo MPL was tempting, but it's very clunky compared to everything else, and the Pickel is great but it just screams for articulation.

If the release of the more affordable - diecast-free - Zero is any indication of the lines future, then maybe the line between the sofubi and Brave can be breached with the best of both becoming the standard. I love diecast, but when it nearly triples the price, it starts to lose its appeal. It's only my fetish for Patlabor (the Ingram in particular) that got me past the price for the Ingrams to begin with.

It appears WAVE wants in on the action too, with a Helldiver and movie Ingram release this year, at a scale that looks to be what the CM's are. As long as they keep the releases separate and minimize the crossover, I'd love a Helldiver to keep Alphonse warm at night.
Got my Hercules, and I dig it. Sculpt is nice, vinyl is a little squishy, and there's articulation in the shoulders and WAIST JOINT. It's definitely nicer than the Taisho.
Mine is still waiting for the Peacemaker to join it in the HLJ box...
No diecast = no Brave Gokin = no buy. I guess the fact that the Griffon and Ingrams had enough variations to warrant multiple toys and get the Brave Gokin treatment. The Zero has only one version (unless you count the Saturn) so no diecast and a downgrade to the all plastic line. The price is half of the BG, but I'd have paid the $120 for a BG version. Maybe the WAVE release will deliver.
My expectations for the plastic Zero:
- Clear plastic lens
- Opening cockpit (all the Votoms releases got 'em, but no photo evidence yet)
- Chest holster compartment

Known pluses:
- Same scale as gokin Ingram and Griffon
- Cloth covered joints (no rubber or PVC, thank you)
- Fairly realistic posability (i.e. no Rvt exaggerations)

Known minuses:
- Little/no metal content
- Swap-out slashing hand (not slide-out)
- Pricey
I'm not a huge fan of the Zero, it's only in the Movie, it's nowhere near as cool an enemy as the Griffon (or even the other military one from the show), and it just felt like a lazy mixture of the Griffon and Ingram instead of a more creative design.

Making it a plastic only toy and dropping the price $60 is still a bit too much for my taste, although I can see why they chose to do it, since I think others feel the same way and a full Brave Gohkin release would be a low seller. It probably will mark the end of the CM's Patlabor stuff, since Yamato and Wave seem to be starting up their own releases. (time to save up)

I have the Revoltech one and since I've got the others in that line it was worth the $18 I paid to round out the set.
Well, the head sculpt of the WHAM Ingram hasn't exactly been turning heads so far, and the Yamato giant... we never did see any truly different ATs to accompany the 1/12 'Dogs. So I guess the most affordable Patlabor line-up remains with Revoltechs, with CM's taking the premium tier for now.

Say what you will about the Zero, CM's toy is NOT the prototype from the first movie. It is the production model AV-0 (as in '2000') Peacemaker as seen in the manga and TV series. I'm definitely saving up in the hopes of more non-sofubi Labors from CM's. :-)
It's been years since I watched all of Patlabor. I forgot the Zero actually got produced, I was thinking of the Saturn being the final design.

Anyway, the design is still too much like "you got your Griffon in my Ingram", it just seemed lazy compared to everything else.

I've not seen much of the WAVE, just the one early proto shown last year, I'm more interested in the Helldiver they're doing anyway. It's one of the better designs that never seems to get past the 1/60 scale. Having one in a larger size would benefit the design with all the details.
So, somewhere last year "Patlabor on TV Perfect Establishment Data Vol.1: TV Edition" came out ( [] ).

This book is awesome. Although it is entirely in Japanese and mostly in black and white, it details ALL the labors shown in the TV series, even the lesser known ones, all the vehicles, all the characters, all the settings, and, uh, 'CLAT' (which looks like someone has seen too much T-28...).

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Brave Gokin economy labor and (non gokin?) brocken on the way?

Wow, CM's looks like they're in it for the long haul after all. Economy is one of the cooler designs of the lesser mecha. They followed the old vinyl kit move of including the extra head for the other version.

I'd have liked the Brocken to be Brave series. It looks like its going to be like the Peacemaker. I'm going to have to decide if I'm going to go either Revoltech or CM's. So far they're almost 1 for 1 except for the Helldiver, and that's not counting the sofubis.

I guess Patlabor is the new Votoms for too many toys from different companies.
Great to see more quality output from CM's. Both the Economy and Brocken will on my list!
What is the mech thats peeking up at the bottom of that image?
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Gakeen also by cms corp
That's Magne Robo Gakeen
And we haven't seen a post specifically for that yet? Kinda hard to believe.

CM's Gakeen
Falling over soon on a shelf near you.
Chirico Cuvie Wrote:
> Falling over soon on a shelf near you.

Are the Vinyls actually this bad? I don't have any yet, but I'm really tempted since CM's offering some really cool choices of previously unavailable labors.
Eh, he's talking about the spindly legged Gakeen, not the stolid Labor sofubis.

Anyway, my Hercules21 arrived last Saturday and I've hardly had time to inspect it. I picked the 'orange' type to keep with my TV-universe Labor farm. It's bigger than the immobile Taisyo and I like the 'don't think so hard' implementation of the shoulder joints. On the Taisyo, CM's seemed more concerned with 'accuracy' and thus could not see a way to make 'squared-off cloth joints' rotate in a 'square hole'.

Pfft. The Hercules' sculptors did't give a damn, and what we have instead is a much more personable toy. Thank god.

More importantly, HLJ has just shipped my Mech Action Peacemaker. Can hardly wait to get my hands on this longed-for toy. AV-0 versus Griffon! As seen on TV!!

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The Patlabor sofubis have, like the latest rumble notes, limited appeal. They're pricey (unless you wait for them to come down on various sites), they don't do much, and they aren't very detailed. I like 'em when I can get 'em for $30, but when they're $60 I just look and wait. They're good for what they are, but when Taito puts out better quality stuff for half the price, that's just as limited, it makes it obvious CM's are priced that way because they can.
Yeah... until we get some Revoltech worker Labors, these expensive indulgences are all we can expect to get.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Chirico Cuvie Wrote:
> makes it obvious CM's are priced that
> way because they can.

It's "obvious"?

Hey, I don't know shit about producing a toy, but I'm guessing there are licensing costs, distribution deals, and about a countless other things jamokes like us aren't privy to that dictate price.

Sure, you can say Taito's stuff is a better value than CM's vinyls for x, y, and z reasons...but comparing companies' motivations like this just doesn't make sense.

Just saying, yo. Peace out.
Some SERIOUS discounts on CM's Patlabor stuff at HLJ:


...and I just ordered them all. 1500 yen for a tyrant is just too good to pass up! My first large-scale vinyls (which I will have).

Bah, Pickel-kun isn't available anymore... :(


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Oh, yeah, 1500 for the Tyrant is a great deal.
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70 percent off, Jesus fucking Christ. I think im sold on an Ingram at that price.
No kidding, over here in the UK that makes it the same price as a Voyager Trasformer.
I can't believe the TV versions were that unpopular, I almost brought two.
Most folks went the 'economical' way by buying 2 x movie edition because they could get the more popular 1 and 2 variants, regardless of whether the unit emblem on the shields were true to the TV series or Movie. Only a few played the expensive 'game' and bought extra sets to swap parts for the full TV line-up (which I did).

Anyone who hesitated before should grab one green Tyrant at least to go with the TV Ingram. :-)
Are the Tyrants really worth it Driffand?
I'm not a huge fan of the show and usually only buy transforming robots.

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Is it really worth 5000 yen? For me, the opportunity to own a toy of a previously unproduced design which I am passionate about, the answer is 'yes'. At 1500 yen, it's cheap enough for a casual Patlabor fan to give it a try. Just remember that the main appeal is in owning a physical replica of a mecha that wouldn't have been produced at all.
I guess HLJ figures most folks are going to try to grab the "reissue" of the "Limited Edition" Ingram TV version that will come with extra parts.
I'm not bothered about that, I was/am waiting for Yamato's 1/12 Ingram for my ultimate Ingram toy. Just brought this cos it was such a bargain.

Drifand, thanks for the thoughts on the tyrant, I know it's super cheap but I'm planning on buying a lot of metal this month as I've decided to patch a numer of gaps in my gokin collection. If HLJ still has it at the end of the month then I'll grab one
Got my Ingram in from HLJ, wow! Hooray for overstock!
MattAlt (Admin)
Thanks for the tip. I'd been wanting this, but not to the tune of 15,000 yen. 3840, on the other hand, makes this simply too juicy of a deal to pass up. This is reminding me of picking up Godaikins on clearance at the local toy stores as a kid.
Ouch, I bought both Ingram sets and the Tyrant back when they were full price last year. It's a great piece and anyone curious how CM's toys compare should check it out for that price.
Well, my AV-0 arrived from HLJ. I drew a '2' on this one. Key points to note:

- Nice size and sculpt. AV-0 looks great next to the Ingrams and Griffon.
- Tampo markings down to the license plate are razor sharp.
- Clear parts include the patrol lights, green forehead scope and blue main visor.
- The chrysanthemum is a separate golden chromed piece, just like the Ingrams'.
- Cloth-covered detented joints all over.
- NO SCREW HOLES. (But that also means no taking-apart for experiments.)
- Revolver CAN be stowed in chest holster (if you jiggle it carefully)
- Stun stick can be stowed in opening arm compartment.
- Obligatory 'slasher attack' arm looks neat (but not sharp enough at the tips)

- Sub-standard molding. Up close the wavy surface on the thighs and un-crisp panel lines disappoint.
- Paint application only so-so. Touch-ups are a must, especially on the chest dividing line between the white and black halves.
- Joints can detach WITHIN the cloth covers.Re-attachment is slightly difficult.
- Shoulder armor comes off too easily during posing.
- Empty chest holster doesn't stay shut. Sloppy.
- Handle on shield-grasping hand does not 'mate' well with slots on shield.

- No opening cockpit or pilot.
- No chest patrol lights ala Ingram's swap-out option.
- No ballast in the feet/legs. (And no way of opening them to add your own.)
- No instruction sheet.

That last point may seem superfluous for such a simple (but pricey) action figure, but I was on the verge of busting a vein trying to fit the gun into the chest holster. I very nearly believed the holster could only be opened to display the gun deployment and not actually stow the weapon. After much experimenting, I found out that you had to stick the barrel into the cavity as far as you can go, THEN push the holster grips upward onto the gun.

This toy won't seem to be worth 6,500 yen to the modern robot-toy fan. The quality feels more like a semi-pro garage toy with some choice parts and minor fit and finish issues. Perhaps another 3-6 months down the road, you might find another blow-out sale for less than 4,000 yen.

For me, though... I am still pleased to be able to own the 'forgotten Zero'. The first movie's sinister AV-X0 usually gets the spotlight while the production version in the manga and OVA tend to be sidelined. I will definitely seek out the No. 1 unit at the local shops despite the toy's flaws. I just hope the upcoming Mecha Action Brocken will enjoy higher production values.

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After seeing these go to pot price-wise it makes it hard to ever buy one again when it comes out at full price.

I love Patlabor but it appears those that share my passion are in the minority.

If/when it hits $30 I'll snag one.
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Hey drifand, nice summary. Are you going to do a rumble? or at least share some pictures with us?
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