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When's Yamato's Ingram coming?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Brocken pre-order at HLJ:

TV version:

OVA version:
Blue one for me :-)
At least there isn't any lottery for 'no1' or 'no2' like in the case for the Peacemaker.
I wish the Revoltech version of the Brocken came with that big gun.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
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Looks nice, too bad the price is totally crazy.
Fresh from AFA08... Not super sharp but do note the less than spiffy finishing on the Brocken's leg-seam:

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Does the Broken use diecast parts, in fact? It looks PVC-y...

Argh, AVS or AVS 2, why are both made? My poor wallet...
They are part of the 'Mecha Action' line, so most definitely ABS+PVC, with 'velvet' cloth shrouds. Brocken, at least was probably planned to be iron-free from the start, but the 'tragedy' is that the AVS Economy was originally going to be a Brave Gohkin. Look at the legs and forearms and you'll spot the same screw holes as the Ingrams. My only consolation is that perhaps the molding on the AVS will be superior to the Peacemaker and Brocken.
The Economy isn't gokin anymore? Damn and blast. What's the ETA on the Economy? I haven't seen any pre-orders yet.
I think the non-gohkin-ification of the AVS/Economy was discussed a page or two ago... the groans weren't any less dismayed, except maybe from a couple of wallets.
The irony is that is seems to be less "economical" to have degokinified it. Wouldn't CM's have had to make completely new molds for the the parts to be plastic instead of diecast? Is that really cheaper than simply injecting diecast into those molds? I'm probably worng though.
In case people didn't notice it yet...:

Man, I recently picked up both of the sofubi Hercules at an HK store for HKD250 (about USD30 each) and am completely hooked!. First sofubis in my collection, but now I understand the charm of these unarticulated vinyl blobs.

Question to the Patlabor experts as I go through my DVDs...are all the color variants shown in the series/movies/OVA? Are is CMs just making them up to make a return on their molds? I know the Hercules are designated as TV Orange and Movie Tan, but how about the green versus brown Tyrants, for example? Or the red versus brown Pickle-Kuns?

They're all in the TV/movies/OVAs.

*thinks it's a good thing CM's isn't making Patlabor manga Ingrams, considering all the variations in design in there...*
All the CMs sofubis are released according to official color variations, as described in their product names (OVA/TV/MOVIE) etc. All kosher, no BS.
A little off topic, but you guys are all Ingram-heads...was the Wave W.H.A.M. Ingram any good? Description says there a good amount?


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It's currently on sale at a few places, but so far the W.H.A.M. stuff has been pretty un-spactacular outside of the model kits. For the money you're better off with the CM's, they're about the same size and I'll bet the CM's has way more diecast since the only way the Koto one could have more is if it was solid.

CM's has its ups and downs, but just about everyone agrees the Ingrams were arguably the best toys they ever did. The only reason to get a different one is if you found it for stupid cheap (wich the CM's was at one point) or you just had to have a giant $300 one that did the same thing with less diecast (Yamato).

This is just speculation, feel free to pick one up on sale at HLJ and let us know. I'm always down for a Patlabor toy if it's good. I'm currently waiting to see how their Helldiver shapes up, since it would go well with the CM's stuff I have.
Biggest minuses for WHAM:
1.Rubber shrouds (restricts poses)
2.In-accurate chest cockpit hatch (poor showing for a figure with model-like detailing).

There has been an enthusiastic review for it on MW from a fan who also owns the CMs... he likes the proportions on the WHAM.
Yeah, that's kinda my thought on it.....the CMs are so good, and I'm not a completist , so I'll pass probably. The CMs when on sale were a STEAL. Those variations above look pretty sweet.

drifand Wrote:
> There has been an enthusiastic review for it on MW
> from a fan who also owns the CMs... he likes the
> proportions on the WHAM.

The words MW, review, and proportions are why I don't go there or ever saw a review.
What justifies it being $87? That price would be more understandable if it had high die-cast content but whew!!

The Brockren is a nice looking bot regardless of the price though.
Nothing justifies the price, except the desire of grown-up working adults who want to have a nice(r) toy of something that was previously only available as a model kit that could potentially disintegrate its joints due to plastic reaction with mold-release agent on the rubber shrouds.

Face it: Only us collectors aged 28+ (and increasingly more likely to be 30+) would be interested at ANY price.
Just a quick update, as of this post HLJ has the CM's Ingrams on sale again for 1/2 off. Grab yours now if you ever had the desire to get one.
AVS preorders at HLJ:


Anyone bought the Broken yet?
If so, thoughts?

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It looks ok, but so did the Zero. I'm going to see if anyone will bite after the horrible Zero and see if it's at least halfway decent. While years ago I'd be all over the Economy and Mk II, right now it's just not that appealing for their price especially with the history of the Zero.

The Brocken is one I'd really like and is one of the better designs of the series, and I like how they went the extra mile and added the extra stuff that was only seen in model books. I'm surprised they didn't make an olive-drab one as well given those parts.

I will pick one up as soon as I can but I'd really like to see some impressions to ease my fears.
My blue TV Brocken is on the way. The 8,000 yen price tag was just at the limit of what I was willing to pay, knowing the 'features' and quality of the Zero. However, the Economy and AVS-II come with an asking price of 9,800 yen. THAT and the latest pix on HLJ show an ugly sprue scar on the blue-tinted cockpit windshield. >-(
Ah well, I'll just wait until HLJ discounts them like the Zero (is the Zero worth 4500 yen?)...
Zero is definitely more affordable at 4500 if nothing else. Especially if you're not particular about owning both '1' and '2', because HLJ can't promise the number of your choice. I still say they're real ZEROS for not providing an option to purchase a guaranteed SET of 1+2 Zeros.
Just got my Brockens in, and for me it's the same issues as the Zeros so far. The joints are easily dislocated, and are then very difficult to re-engage because the cloth shrouds completely obscure all the fiddly bits and force you to work by touch alone. But since the shrouds bunch up and stick in all the wrong places, it's hard to feel what you're doing, and pegs won't go into holes, balls won't go into sockets.

In a fit of frustration, I took a scalpel to the shrouds after spending 30 minutes trying to re-engage some dislocated arm parts. Easy to put together after that, but now there's the issue of the shroud hanging in tatters. Gotta use scissors now to trim random shreds and threads, then tuck loose ends underneath the armor. Hopefully, while doing so, the fixed arm doesn't fall to pieces again.

For such a relatively uncomplicated piece, it sure is a pain in the ass.
That's a bummer... there's no excuse for a non-variable robot figure to be any less playable than a basic action figure.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
I now will wait for the inevitable clearance, and buy one for display only.

This makes the Economy and Mk II even less appealing, as the Brocken is much more desirable. This line of toys is officially off my radar. Where's that WHAM Helldiver to lighten the mood?
It turns out that only my blue Brocken was excessively loose jointed and extra prone to dislocation...hence the shroud shredding.

I opened up the red Brocken I ordered, and it's fine. Well, by fine I mean it's not defective, but that doesn't make it a high quality toy! It's on par with the CM's Zero. Arms and legs don't fall off, so the shrouds are not a problem.

Anyway, I've decided I don't want to keep these. If anyone wants to take these off my hands, I can sell the red one for $60, since the box has been opened, and throw in the blue one for free.
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I'll take the blue one for shipping.
PM sent!
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This awesome book somehow flew under my radar. Hopefully HLJ receives more stock, I can't seem to find it anywhere else.

Saw the book at the local Kinokuniya. I like the handiness of all the labor specs in one place but wish I could read all the 'technical development' histories as well. The illustrations are nice but I think a bit too clinical... I miss Yuji Kaida's painted style.
I don't mean to derail the direction of this current conversation...but will there be anymore of the cool sofubis? I just picked up the last one I needed to complete my collection, and, well, I think that they might be the best part of this line....
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I hope so but afaik they have not made any announcements yet
I'd like to see some more of the Sofus as well... I picked up the Tyrant and Taisyo, and they are excellent... the Taisyo really is a tragedy without any articulation to, so I hacked it up and fixed that, but the Tyrant is phenomenal. I'd really like to find a good deal on the Hercules as well, because the sculpt is slick.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Still holding out for a sofubi Helldiver with real parachute!
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