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I have been unexpectedly busy with work since Nov last year and so I haven't been able to take pictures for rumbles. Have been wanting to do so for my customised CM's Ride Armor and Proto Garland too.

Maybe when I pick up a No. 1 AV-0, I'll squeeze a couple of hours out to show the difference between the factory and touched up finish.
Chirico Cuvie Wrote:
> Ouch, I bought both Ingram sets and the Tyrant
> back when they were full price last year. It's a
> great piece and anyone curious how CM's toys
> compare should check it out for that price.

Also bought both Ingram sets before HLJ started dumping the TV version. Makes it harder to pony up for CM's subsequent Patlabor releases. You never know...
Well, I'm outta luck. The only shop that brought in the AV-0 only stocked Unit 2s... Crap.

Well, Lady Luck smiled after all. The store called back to say they DID find a couple of '1's in the back room. So I managed to snag one and complete my SV2 Platoon 1 :-)

This Saturday will be dedicated to a photo update of my CM's Patlabor line-up.

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Well, I'd planned to Rumble this, but it seems there's something wrong with either Wordpress or the server host. I simply can't upload my pix either from Safrari 3.1 or Firefox. :-/ Oh well... just enjoy the pix anyway:

- Special Vehicles Section 2, Platoon 1... Gomioka Tsutomu (Unit 1), Yuuki (Unit 2)

- I love that these figures are in-scale with the Brave Gohkin and sofubi labors. Excellent for creating action tableaux.

- Gomioka tackles the Tyrant

- Break a leg, sempai!

- Yuuki versus Hercules

- Who's godlike, now?

- Full SV-II line-up. Despite the so-so molding and troublesome joints, the production AV-0 Peace Maker looks outstanding when displayed next to the diecast Ingrams.

- My CM's Patlabor collection to-date... Can't wait for Brocken and AV-S Economy!
Very nice demonstration of the Hercules' WAIST JOINT.

Doesn't look like we're getting any more vinyl labors, though, huh?
Hard to say, Rog. At 5,000 yen, the sofubis are pure profit for CM's compared to the 6,500 for the Mecha Action Series. Zero. If they're transitioning totally to M.A.S, I can't say I'd be sad... more poseability is always good in my book. But, yeah, I would miss the goofy sofubis.

I still hope to see more worker labors... especially the Bulldog. That one can be issued in no less that 3 re-colors. Would also love to see the Crabman Highleg... sofubi or otherwise.
MattAlt (Admin)
Ah, DAMMIT! I had been avoiding those sofubi Labors, but ya HAD to post cool pix...!
Start with the Tyrants on HLJ, Matt! 1,500 yen for a lump of mecha goodness can't be wrong. :-)
Anonymous User
Got my Ingram today, overall a pretty nice piece. Very nice looking, heavy, neat light gimmick, cloth looks better than I anticipated.

Some nitpicky things, parts fit is somewhat inconsistent, some paint blemishes upon close inspection, parts of gun door came already chipped, pilot doesn't really fit in well.

I would not have paid full price, at HLJ's bargain price, it was a steal.
Got mine too yesterday.

My main beef with the pilots is that they don't look like the characters at all! I mean, Noa looks like a rather strong guy...

Also, no eyes. Just a splat of pink paint for a face.

I suspect I'll have to repaint them...

Otherwise, the AV-98 is quite nice, although the antenna on the neck keeps getting loose on mine. Access to the cockpit sucks. Accuracy could be a bit better; the shield seems kinda small in comparison to the manga's AV-98, and so is the riot gun. The stun stick seems oversized (cue penis joke here).

The stand is kinda useless, as it doesn't allow storage of the spare parts. A waste of plastic, IMHO.

As for the sofubi Tyrants...***LOVE***!

I find myself wishing for plush versions of these - those would make great children's toys.

So, what Sofubi labor should I buy next? I already dread tracking down a pickle-kun...

Also, are any of the figures in these sets ( [] and [] ) in scale with the labors (sofubi etc.)?


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I believe that was the point of them, to be for display purposes with the others. It would be pretty silly to make a maintenance crew and other bits for something other than a toy by the same company. Although I've seen companies do odd things before...
Well my Ingram finally turned up today and I love it, there's a few niggles sure and for a couple of minutes I was really pissed because the lights wouldn't work (after taking out the tab), turned out the battery was just a bit iffy fitting and away they go!

The gun holding hand is terrible, far too soft and rubbery to actually hold either gun convincingly, the door on the leg won't shut properly with the revolver in there and the pilot figure kept nutting the blast shield everytime I raised the seat.
Talking about the pilot figure, it seems weird that they have impeccably printed kanji and nicely painted uniforms but no faces whatsoever...

Overall though it's a very nice figure and I'm glad I could get one.
Despite the number of various Ingram figures already, I hope they do an SOC SPEC with an inner skeleton (I love those). Hopefully they've figured out a way to do that and make it posable since the original late 80's toy that had the inner frame.

Any word on that one from WAVE?


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
As much as I believe Bandai could do an excellent SPEC AV-98, I really wouldn't be interested now that CM's has already given us an excellent expanded line-up of figures. I would only 'buy-in' with a SPEC Ingram if Bandai demonstrates an immediate investment in producing the more interesting and lesser seen designs, for example, if they announced or showed prototypes of the Helldiver, or the Tyrant etc as full-fledged SPEC releases. I just don't see the point of having another Ingram-Griffon menage-a-trois on my shelves, orphaned by Bandai's inability to focus after MSG-00 returns to screen.

More likely I'll wait for Yamato to produce the P2 flak-vested 1/12 Ingram 3 and buy THAT as my one and only 'Patlabor Jumbo Machinder'... That one, I feel, is the most iconic of the Patlabor series, being Nagumo's ride into the uncertain sunset. :-)
"I just don't see the point of having another Ingram-Griffon menage-a-trois on my shelves, orphaned by Bandai's inability to focus after MSG-00 returns to screen."

I don't really think that's fair, Bandai concentrate on ressurecting as many Titular/starring role robots as possble rather then filling out whole casts. And in doing so they grant the wishes of more mecha fans then CM's or Takara can with their Patlabor/Votoms line ups.

If Bandai did do an SOC Ingram I probably would buy it as it would be affordable and likely even more tricked out. The pilots might even have faces! ;)
Like I said, I can't argue with the quality... I'm just thinking of the gravy, or lack of it. SPT Layzner... no flight pack. Dragonar... no supporting cast. Only the Walker Machines got some love so far, but that's 'OK' because those series (and even the upcoming SPEC L-Gaim) rely far more on the hero mecha for their popularity. Patlabor, OTOH, is all about the immersive world-view and ubiquity of 'everyday' mecha... Ingram+Griffon is simply not enough for this fan.

Since Matt apparently needs some more convincing of the sheer coolness of the sofubis, here's some more pictures of them...

Front and back of the Tyrants:



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They are stable and strong enough to lift Alphonse:

...but of course that doesn't end well:

I don't need to show the fight, because this is Noa's labor. If it had been Ota, I would have shown the fight, and the one ending up on the floor wouldn't have been a Tyrant.

And after such excitement, one needs to rest:


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Hot damn those Tyrants are adorable...

hmm... are they still on sale at hlj?... /wanders to check
For those with the CM's Griffon: is the flight pack removable? Does it look like t could be swapped for the aqua unit?
They showed an aqua unit in some photos but it never showed up again. It's a bit of a stretch to release another version of it at that price considering it was in one episode, but so was the Peacemaker...

As for a SPEC Patlabor, Bandai did two Cloth Gear toys back then. Fully diecast metal frame with plastic armor parts, in 1/60 scale. They did the Ingram with different sets of parts for both units, and the best of all the did the Python (my favorite). It's odd they chose not to do more but GKs were at their height so most of the stuff was done in resin.
CM's actually DID release the Aqua unit, but it was an exclusive. It came with a ripped off Ingram head.

I haven't tried yanking particularly hard on my own Griffon's backpack, since I'd rather not break it if it isn't supposed to come off, but if it's removable it's certainly well attached...
See? That's why we NEED screw holes ;-)

I haven't managed to remove the flight pack either, because if I could, first thing I'd do would be to repaint the yellow exhausts in RED.

And damn CM's for limiting the Aqua Unit and their own profits. Fools.
Man, I am not a Patlabor fan - didn't even like the anime or OVAs... however, looking at those pictures above, I had to get me some. So, I got the CM's Ingram 1 & 3 TV Version, and the 2 Tyrants on sale at HLJ, plus a CM's Griffon on Ebay...

I hate myself!!!

Looks like the HLJ sale for the Ingram (not the Tyrants, though) is over... ah well, guess it's better that I didn't take the plunge into yet another toyline right now.
The_Mazinger_Z Wrote:
> Man, I am not a Patlabor fan - didn't even like
> the anime or OVAs... however, looking at those
> pictures above, I had to get me some. So, I got
> the CM's Ingram 1 & 3 TV Version, and the 2
> Tyrants on sale at HLJ, plus a CM's Griffon on
> Ebay...
> I hate myself!!!
> }D

I disliked the show until I saw it subbed, I tried watching it back in the olde days of US Renditions and Crooks Nippan, renting it from a video store in Little Tokyo. The clerk kept trying to tell us they weren't in English, so we shouldn't rent them, even after I told him we were aware of that. Watching Patlabor raw at 1 AM is a great way to fall asleep, especially when you were just picking episodes from the box art. It's a very Japanese show that is way more focused on the people than the mecha. Imagine Hill Street Blues with mecha, in Japan, that's Patlabor. It's a great show but not for everyone. I was very into the idea and designs, which are the strongest part of its appeal anyway, but it is a Mamoru Oshii vehicle after all.

The clearance is a great way to hook people onto the line and the cheapest entry into the CM's Brave Gokin by far. The Tyrants were priced the way they should have been all along IMO. If CM's were to sell them at that price point they wouldn't need to be on clearance. I'm just waiting for the Legioss/Tlead set to go to 70% off so I can go on a shooting spree.
Well, I did take the plunge on the Brave Gokin was only $38 US for goodness another $15 US for the Tyrant...How could I not...?

Actually, the main reason I picked it up is so that I can have something to stand next to my Bandai Cloth Action Ingram (which has for a long, long time been my favorite Ingram toy...even if it is almost 20 years old...)

Anyway, I am with Chirico with the waiting on the Legioss/Tlead. Anyone know how these are selling? When I look around at all of the places I usually pick up toys online there seems to be no shortage of are they doing in the brick and mortar stores?
I'd like to see CM's do the Mazinger inspired "super" Ingram from Noa's dream at the begining of one episode.
Anonymous User
Gashpon set 2 is out

OK my Tyrant sofubis just arrived from HLJ, and I gotta tell ya, I haven't had this much fund with a toy in quite a while. I just can't stop fiddling with the thing! It's near indestructibility and sheer playability is just lightyears from the stuff I usually buy (On a related note, I just gingerly brought out my Yamato VF-0A from its plastic and cardboard coffin a few days ago for a rare appearance, and 5 minutes later small parts started breaking off. WTF!?).

I even used the Tyrant as a primitive "docking station" for my cellphone, with the little bugger cradling my cell in its arms.

Really glad I jumped on them at HLJ's sale prices, but they are definitely NOT worth their Y5,000 SRP.

Now a scary thought comes to mind: I wonder what other cool sofubi is out there...
Chet Wrote:

> Now a scary thought comes to mind: I wonder what
> other cool sofubi is out there...

That sound you hear is the Devil in the corner laughing at you...
Anonymous User
HLJ has the construction version Taisyo on sale, although not as generous as their discount of the tyrants.

Unfortunately, while the Taisho and Heracles are more detailed and a little smaller than the Tyrant, they are not as poseable so you may not find them as fun.

I don't know about Pickel-kun, I don't have him.

And there aren't any other modern mecha sofubi that I can think of right now.

There's got to be some, right?
Some GGG were just announced by none other than CM's.


Pickel kun is one piece o' vinyl.

The Tyrant is by far the best of the lot, although pickel is the largest and comes in a huge box.
Yeah, Pickel-kun has a waist joint that doesn't add one bit of poseability to it. Next to the Tyrant, only the most recent Hercules 21 comes close in terms of simple playability. The worst is probably the Taisyo because of its glued-down arms.
Very nice look at the Brocken.

More Broken shots in the link here: []

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It's not vinyl? Boo...
Still looking forward to the gokin AVS Economy Labor... hope it's still on.
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