MPC Voltron(pics and mini-review)

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Is it possible you can post a picture of how the Panel lining came/or is coming out?

I just recieved my mpc voltron today, and all ive got to say is WOW! btw- im 747 of 5000. this toy is awesome! Hes now one of my top guys, very posable! remember when you were a kid, and got the toy that came from a show-but it didnt look quite right.. something was off-well this toy captures the cartoon and comic perfectly!! i love how the chest isnt just a flat surface-but tapers inward.. and how he can stand with his feet apart.. and the black lion-WOW..!! i personally always loved the look of the lions unassembled into voltron- and the black lion actually looks ..well, like a lion-just like the cartoon.. anyone ever see the comic-and what voltron looked like before he hagar cast the spell on him- that would also make a great toy-a techno knight with lion undertones.. i also like how the details are painted on-no stickers. and hes freakin heavy! anyway- i wrote toynami a short congrats and and wondering if there was a mpc vehicle voltron (because the mpc voltron has "lion force" printed on the outside of the box-so i hope there will be a "vehicle force" soon.. and i also inquired about any other voltron products they might have coming. heres what they said:

Dear Josh,

Thank you for purchasing a Voltron MPC. We are so happy that you are pleased with our Voltron. We would love to see more Voltron Toys. However, Toynami cannot release information regarding future Voltron projects at this time. Please feel free to check back. Thank you for your support!

Best Regards,

Customer Service
Toynami, Inc.
Here are some progress shots of the panel lining on the legs. Good news is that is is going well. The over all look is a subtle one but you can definitle make out the details.

In the first pic, you can see that the legs I panel lined were the ones closest to the camera. I left the legs on the other side plain so you can see the difference.

Here is the other side


Good show on e-mailing Toynami with some good news. I bet that was well received. Lets hope that and the sales of the Lion Force Voltron make way for a MPC Vehicle Force Voltron.

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I finally got mine!!

Not much to add to the excellent comments thus far, except another WOW!!

The toy is all aethetics and articulation. The face of the robot is beautiful and serenely expressive, like the original. The waist rotates and the head of the robot turns, twists side to side, and looks up and down. Makes it lifelike, anime correct, and yet it still calls up the old toy.

I am blown away!!

Want to try that sword overhead pose when I can muster the courage...
SDFcommander - I dig the panel-lining and hope to see pics of the completed Voltron when done. BTW - what are you using to do the lining?
yeah! :-) what're ya using to do the panel lines?? it really looks good tho! i myself dont have the skill, i cant draw or trace to save my life, but im thinking of buying another mpc voltron down the line- to set them up like my golions and dairuggers= one set in lion/vehicle formations and one set in robot modes.. on another note- i wonder what japan the home of golion thinks of the mpc voltron.. taking one of their icons and making it our own. im really surprised on the quality of it- i have a couple of toynami's robotech valkyries- and well they dont look like they came from the same company.. kinda reminds me of jazwares megamans... the first series of megaman looked like bootlegs or knockoffs at a swapmeet- but the second and third gen look really nice.. easily one of my favorite rockman figures!
Picked up this item. I was pretty excited about it. When I got the package, the heft was very good. Taking out the lions, I wasn't disappointed - I really, really like them. Heavy, diecast, very flexible, good size.

Regarding the ball joints on the lions, they're there - they just don't have the range of motion apparent on the prototype pics - manufacturing tolerances must've conspired against this feature. If the legs could be pulled out from the body a bit, those joints should allow more dramatic stances.

Put them all together, however, and it just isn't as solid. The heavy metal legs clink together like a Yamato 1/60 Battroid's.

Still, I like it. Maybe I'm justifying, but i always liked the new sculpt - it cuts a nice figure on the shelf. I may even attempt some improvements.

(an arrogant jerk who also has the godaikin, among others, so don't bother)

Sorry it has taken so long to reply. Things have been busy at work and my new born little girl have been keeping me pretty busy and I don't want to work on my MPC Voltron when I'm's a $150.00 figure after all.

Well for the panel lines I am using a couple of .005 black Pigma Micron pens. Thsy work pretty well. I have used them on my ROBOTECH MPCs and on my Gundams. I suppose you can also use Gundam markers, but for me those are harder to come by where as Micron pens can be picked up at your local craft store. A big issue is to make sure your surface is cleaned and dry from oils before you start. 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol works pretty well to clean your surfaces.

Here are some more shots. The panel lines on the Yellow Lion's face have come out well. I also did the shoulders, body and the inside of the cannon on the back is a must. The legs look 10 times better. Now there is some contrast, I also do every little claw. Hard to see in the photos but nice up close.

In addition to doing the body and the legs on the Green Lion, I also did the ears and the nose and the little gold circles on the head. It turned out well. More completed and better pics to come.

I also started work on the Black, Red and Blue Lions.

Almost done with Yellow Lion. Again, these are the best looking sculpts of the Voltron Lions I have seen.

The gang is all here.

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SDF - Thanks for the update. Those legs look light-years better than without the inking. But does the micron pen dry completely for you? I've found them to adhere to some plastics, but to rub off of enamels and acrylics...

Also, have you thought about painting the inside of the mouths or the lion's whiskers?
Thanks Gcrush,

The ink stays on pretty well. It does take a while to fully dry, about a day and you have to make sure your surface is fully cleaned and dried before you start.

Because the areas are grooved, they should not provide any problems. You just have to handle with care.

I actually decided not to do the whiskers. Because they were not really in the anime, I thought they would detract from the over all look of the toy. They are however a really nice subtle touch when seen up close. The mouths look OK to me as is.

I'm from the school of thought that if the details are too obvious or too noticeable than they take away from the toy rather than add to it.
SDF, what a fabulous job! Seeing your work has inspired me to follow in your footsteps! Thanks for the photos and the tips.
> Dear Josh,
> Thank you for purchasing a Voltron MPC. We are so
> happy that you are pleased with our Voltron. We
> would love to see more Voltron Toys. However,
> Toynami cannot release information regarding
> future Voltron projects at this time. Please feel
> free to check back. Thank you for your support!
> Best Regards,
> Customer Service
> Toynami, Inc.

I like how they almost use the word Voltron once per sentence.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
Sooo... It's Night of the Living Thread. Toynami drops us a 30th Anniversary version of Voltron for a little over two bones. It now comes with a roaring stand, mouth blades, light up eyes, and - rumor has it - reworked contact points and joints.

Has anyone picked this up?

Will anyone pick it up?

Can anyone confirm if the rumors are true, or useful enough to care about?

Where the fuck are the individual lion guns?

Why hasn't Bandai satisfied our robo-feline wetdreams with an honest to goodness Go-Lion?
I had been really interested in this, but then lost my nerve based on reports of the previous release. I'm certainly interested to hear other people's info on it.

More serious than thou
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm curious as well, but I'm probably out of the running...given how shady the Most Wanted Vehicle Voltron was. If that toy had been rock solid from the get, I'd seriously be considering this new version of the MPC Lion Voltron.
Why is the Vehicle Voltron sucking scaring you out of a different toy from a different company?

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []

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The Vehcile Voltron was made by an entirely different company.

The Lion Voltron is made by Toynami and is based upon a mold that they first used over eight years ago.

We talked about the original release way back when.

We also talked about the first re-release that was done in plastic as opposed to diecast.

The one I just brought up is the second re-release, but reworked - lights, sounds, stand, weapons, and (supposedly) joints.

But I'm not blaming you guys. I'm just setting the record straight - the original Toynamic Voltron was right on par with even the best SOCs coming out of Bandai's chogorectum at the time it first appeared. But it had wonky-weak hips and knees that did a poor job of keeping it standing under all that diecast weight. Here's an old pic of mine before it got the axe.

I doubt that I'd re-buy it since it wouldn't exactly fit with anything at the moment. (But a SRC Go-Lion from Bandai? I'd eat that up in a heartbeat.) Mostly I'm curious to see if the promised improvements actually deliver and how they do it.
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm aware of who made what...I just don't give enough of a shit about Voltron III in and of himself to warrant buying one on his own (even if the toy DOES turn out to be great). I'd only be getting this toy *if* MW's Voltron I were on point because I see it as an accessory to Voltron I! It's the same reason I considered Evolution Toy's Albegas (which was unfortunately not the same size as any other Voltron toys I have...otherwise I probably woulda gotten it)...

I have a couple other same-size Dairugger/Golion toy pairings that I love recreating Fleet of Doom's Double Blazing Sword scene with. And, oooh...the handshakes! :P
Can anyone confirm if the rumors are true, or useful enough to care about?

Where the fuck are the individual lion guns?

Why hasn't Bandai satisfied our robo-feline wetdreams with an honest to goodness Go-Lion?

I broken down and watched a YouTube video review. God I hate those things. Fucking 1:25 ratio of "things I could read faster than you can edit them into something coherent"-to-"deadspaced, mouth-breathing attempts at personality". Gah, gah, gaaaaaaaargh. Anyway.

I sat through the review until the dood picked up MP Voltron Deux and its legs clanked together like a polio victim. No improvements there, folks. And now the face won't stay in position because of the contact points for the light up eyes. Thus making this reissue an easy pass.

No individual lion guns because fuck you. Which, incidently, is Bandai's response when asked, "Where Go-Lion at?"
Sanjeev (Admin)
I'm not terribly surprised: there was no way they were gonna be able to make those hips strong enough to resist the ankle attraction...

And light/sound features on a robot toy don't do much for me. So, whatevs...
Yeah, quite glad I passed on this guy for General Franky. THAT's a great toy there.

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