Ultraman Container Vehicles!

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Nice rumble there, Darren, didn't expect to see a review of Ultraman stuffs here!

I've got all 13 of them and they're really nice and cute. BTW, you missed out the "portable" base for the CV vehicles. It's a semi HQ and garage for the CV vechicles with the top designed specifically for the Peace Carry landing.

So are you going to review the Super Guts Machines as well ? :-)
Cool! Send in pictures, Recce!

No rhyme or reason to what we write about. Just having fun. Why don't you write up the GUTS Machines? :-)
Damn you for that Rumble, Darren. Damn you to hell.

And recce gets to join you on a "two-for-one" supersaver fare for mentioning the portable base.


I'm an admitted vehicle nut. And I've always been really intrigued by the whole modular transport/rescue concept (a la Thunderbird #2). But the Peace Carry is a triple threat!

Okay, give it to me straight, guys. I want this stuff. I actually came across a few of the CV's on HLJ a while back and thought they were cool all by themselves (I didn't see the PC at that time), but the $20 a pop price tag kept me away. Just how big are the individual vehicles? They must be fairly small.

How tough are these to get? I see HLJ has the PC and a few of the CV's, but that's it. Is this still in stores overseas?

Too bad there isn't a store special offering the PC and a bunch of CV's in one big set..... :-)

They are small. The little cars in CV-08 are probably only 2/3 the size of a normal Matchbox car. (I don't have any of the toys with me to measure.)

Bandai was nearly giving these away a year or so ago as they weren't moving. (I think we Rumbled on that.) They were sold by Bandai Hong Kong, too. I think they should be pretty easy to acquire.
Uh-oh. The last I heard anyone was "nearly giving these away a year ago" was with the Cyborg Kurochan figures, which promptly became nearly impossible to find for anywhere NEAR retail. Yipes.

But thanks for the info. I'll start looking.

Jape (dreaming of deep-discount CV's....) ^_^
I didn't have the portable base, yet. It's available at a local departmental store here for a while but the price of about US$50 keeps me away (higher than its retail yen price). I'm patiently waiting for a store wide 20% discount before I make my move.

Although the CV-07's twin vehicles are small, the rest of the vehicles have a typically standard size of slightly bigger than a matchbox car.

The toys originally were made back in 1998, but it's only the beginning of this year that I see a lot of them floating around or selling in the major stores, so I believe Bandai is now actively reproducing them again. This is the reason why the sudden appearance on HLJ listings.
Jim C. at Club Daikaiju (twozbar@verizon.net) has a ton of Ultra vehicles from the last three or four TV series. He has quite a few pieces with heavy diecast content. Contact him for what he has.

- Roger
Thread necro time!

I've just received a bunch of them plus the Peace Carrier, and these things are totally awesome! They channel the Thunderbirds.

Some comments:

1) On CV-01, how the hell do you get the thing to lock together in container mode? The hook on mine seems to be too long to catch on the tail section; it gets pushed down any time I try to lock it.

2) XIG Bison is very Goggle Tank-y indeed.

3) You need two Fighter SGs to be show-accurate.

4) The threads on XIG Stinger really work!

5) Not mentioned in this thread are the two limited release yellow recolors of CV-02 and CV-04.

Now I just need to track down XIG Adventure and the two cars (got the containers, but no cars :( ) and the Container base.

MattAlt (Admin)

How did this fit into the series? Was it a higher-end collectible version? I seem to remember the toys mainly being aimed at kids but this looks Soul of Chogokin style.
Those are high-end collectible versions that were released last year or so. HLJ had them clearanced for a while and you can find them very cheaply on Y! Auctions Japan now and then.

The container modes look worse than the original toys :(

They only did two of the XIG Fighters? That's a shame. We all know the only one who matters is XIG ADVENTURE. What a great toy.

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
My Ultra hangar... from GUTS to XIG to beyond... :-)

I dearly wanted to display every vehicle I had but ultimately had to compromise, so I went for the most interesting examples from GUTS, the Core Modules, Nexus Machines. Only XIG is all-in, including the 2 cars and the trainer jets, so I left out their duplicates from the sound-chipped Popynica Plus versions.

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