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The box for Marmit's "THE FIERCE LEGEND OF SUPER ROBOTS" series depicts Groizer, but I have never seen one. Was this ever made, and if so, does anyone have a picture?

I also found the following on the Anime News Service website:

"Marmit's latest FIERCE LEGEND OF SUPER ROBOTS entry, GETTA III and GROZIER X are due soon. Clay prototypes of ZANBOT III, TRYDER G7, MACHINE SARUER and a different version of MAZINGA Z have been constructed. According to the site, the most fascinating of the ones mentioned above is Machine Saurer. The developers in charge of the project are very big fans of GO NAGAI and wanted to create a new version of this manga character. (They also had/have a desire to make FLOSR versions of the Go Nagai characters GOD MAZINGA, X-BOMBER and LIGER.) It should be pointed out that Machine Saurer is the lead character of the manga and that DEATH CROSS does not make an appearance in the storyline. Although they are enemies in toy form, Death Cross was created specifically for the Magnemo line by Takara. Also of note is that Machine Saurer and God Mazinga are interconnected. They both fight the same evil organization, which is semi-related to the group of bad guys in Liger."

Were any of these others mentioned ever seen by anyone, including the prototypes? I have never even seen the Getta III.
How old was that news bit? It has to be several years old. As far as I know the line is dead. Groizer was never produced, but always rumored as coming soon. The last item produced, was, I believe, a mail order exclusive Reideen. I'm not even sure that was produced. They also made an OVA or Manga version of Mazinga Z several years ago, and Liger (assuming they mean Getta Robo G) came out before that.
The Reideen has been released.

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I had posted this news item on CJT many years ago. My friend in Japan had given me the above information. In the months (and years) after this post was made, the Manga style of Mazinga Z did materialize as did pics of a protype of Getta III. Pics of a prototype of Raideen appeared as well but ones for Tryder, Zanbot and Machine Saurer never did. The Reideen just was made available recently. I think you had to order it through a magazine or something. I know the line never did very well, even with popular characters, so it kind of makes sense that they'd kill production on these obscure robots. If they had had SOC-level success with them, maybe it would have been a different story, ala the SOC Zanbot. I really, really wish they'd done a Grozier.
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Marmit had a booth at the winter SuperFest a few months back, and I specifically asked them about the Groizer X. From what I gather, there aren't any plans at all to release one. The president of the company remarked on how difficult it was to make an "accurate" portrayal of the character as no two cel frames are alike, and the design details aren't consistient from front to back.

I get the feeling it's more about the sluggish sales of the FLOSR series than it is about engineering difficulties, though. This guy did a great job of producing a handmade prototype Groizer X toy, and planned to manufacture them in small numbers, but the costs of licensing, tooling, painting, etc. turned out to be too much for him to float.


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