The new Toybox DX paradigm: ERASERS.

Posted by Roger 

The SD Ganso White Base I bought was completely in kit form, no erasers to be seen. It wasn't a sealed box, though, so I don't know if they "should" have been included. You are right, they do have little mounting points for the erasers. The horsey mode is kind of odd. The front "legs" don't fold completely down, but it gets the point across I suppose. All the little platforms in your picture, do fold down flush so you can have an original looking white base. If you build yours, you're going to want some sprue clippers. I seem to remember the attachment points as being a little on the thick side, and the plastic was a little softer than a typical Gunpla, i.e. more flexible.

As far as the one I posted the pic of, it came with SD figures of the White Base crew and pilots. There was also a Musai produced, but it seemed to disappear as soon as it was released. I didn't know SD stuff was so popular.
Qubeley has one of these SD Ganso White Bases, too, and he seems to remember that they weren't ERASERS, but hard plastic ERASER-sized figures that you snapped together. I just paid for mine yesterday, I'll let you know what's up when it gets here.
I don't remember the plastic figs at all. I'll have to see if I can get mine out of storage. Then again, I might have a different issue. As with most Bandai kits, there are often several releases over the years.
So cuuuuute:

Hey, Steve! STEVE!!!

They came from space, to invade:

Even Afro Inu and that burned anpan guy get their own ERASERS:

Frodawg would make such a kickass eraser...
Seepy-uh type:

Sepia-toned eraser... How nostalgic.
That is by far the coolest sepia-type hizack I've ever seen!

Gonna have to repaint the MG now.
Colored erasers? In bags with header cards?

Don't ask me, I got nothing.
MattAlt (Admin)
The marketing strategy of calling solid chunks of rubber "pose figures" borders on the genius.
Roger Wrote:
> Hey, Steve! STEVE!!!

(Blue Noah eraser)

That's f-ing beautiful.

Now, look, look at the genius of Yoshinobu Nishizaki and his might in merchandising.

Gaze at that eraser. Feel it in your mind. You'd NEVER use that to erase. Never. Look at the detail, look at the sheer funkyness of what part of it would you USE to erase?

So you get kids to pony up..what, 10 Yen? for an eraser that they would NEVER USE...


I *am* going to borrow a camera and take some pics of my Yamato erasers, I swear...

And later down, that pic, the header card illo of the ticked off, I want that as a 'squadron patch' on my flight jacket...

"Guntank..Yeah, we're real!"

* * *I writ more because I know more..usually.* * *
MattAlt Wrote:
> The marketing strategy of calling solid chunks of
> rubber "pose figures" borders on the genius.

You can pose them. You can put them in a standing pose. Or lie them down on their back, or their stomach. Sure, they don't have a waist joint, but who does?
I haven't in a very long time.....
Excellent presentation in this auction:

Freakin' sweet. Love that blue transformed Asshimar.
Oh my fucking gawd, a whole army of keshigomu SD zeonic goodness. My god, I am drooling...
MattAlt (Admin)
Enjoy this excellent specimen:

MattAlt (Admin)
Is that an egg sac Gyan's nestling between its legs? Or just a barrel of sake?
Good question. I thought it was a woven basket, actually, but I don't know what sake barrels normally look like.

A more pressing question: did the sculptor of this ERASER think that the Gyan was supposed to be like the four-way-symmetrical Zock? Or is it purely a coincidence that you can barely tell the robot's back from its front?
MattAlt (Admin)
Sake barrel:

Eraser-loving individual after consuming said sake barrel:

That man is my hero. Here's his site:


His amazing gashapon collection is here:


This is a gem, a metal robot body with ERASER parts:

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What the hell is that metal eraser robot supposed to be?
I don't think it's supposed to be a specific character. He has a lot of generic-looking items on his site.
MattAlt (Admin)
I have reached that elusive mountaintop of eraser-collecting. I have now decided to collect only erasers that are perfect replicas of other erasers.

There are plenty of cool erasers out there that are just intended to be erasers, like the "brain eraser" here:


WOW, where did the one on the right come from? The same place the Gyan with the snake basket?
The blue one, without a doubt, has to be THE best rendition of a RX-78 I've ever seen. Whether it was supposed to be that funky, or just melted, is no matter. L33+!
The Gyan is from the collection of (NAME REMOVED). I don't know where he got it.

The blue RX-78, I've had since I was very young. It probably came out of a capsule machine somewhere in NYC, because I have several bootleg and/or unidentifiable robot figurines of which that was the source. It may not actually be an eraser... it has a pencil-topper hole in the bottom, but it's very hard rubber.
I also have an orange Zogok and a red Gouf that I can't find right now, and an unidentified lavender robot that I'll photo later, and several other figures that I once identified by comparison to other toys of the subject on TBDX, but I can't remember what they are right now. As a kid, It was obvious to me that the Gundam and Zogok and the others were robots (despite the scary freak-out eyes on the RX-78), but I always thought the little rubber Gouf was supposed to be a guy in armor. Probably because of the shoulders and the whip.

> without a doubt, has to be THE best rendition of a RX-78 I've ever seen

Funny thing is, that's what I said last night about the MSV 1/100 Perfect Gundam. Though I was only thinking about kits there...

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More round facer ERASERS:

mcfitch (Admin)
Thank god you posted this. I was beginning to think the eraser fad was dying. So with eraser toys at this level of detail (basically rubber robot action figures) was anyone ever intended to erase anything with them (aside from boredom)? They seem more like MSiA in that regard.
I think it's pretty simple to explain the appeal of ERASERS to kids and the companies that made them. You could sell them in stationery stores as well as toy stores, they were easy to make, cheap enough for kids to buy themselves, and they could take their favorite characters to school with them and get away with it (they were, after all, functioning erasers).

I've been told that in the case of Clover, cranking out those little rubber mobile suits helped ward off bankruptcy for a small period of time before they finally collapsed.
Where are you getting these, Rog? YahooJp?

Eye-Zack! Yaaaay!
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