The new Toybox DX paradigm: ERASERS.

Posted by Roger 
Yes, you heard me. ERASERS. This is the Next Big Thing. Start chucking those old Next Big Things or you will soon find yourself left in the dust. I'm not talking about erasers...

...I'm talking about ERASERS. Real rubber ERASERS, in the pleasing and desirable shapes of your favorite robot heroes and scary monsters, in standard and SD flavors:

In 1976, all Japanese children were required by national law to have at least 3 ERASERS on them at all times. Those who dared to disobey were publicly flogged on the playground. Every ERASER you will find has HISTORY, having been clutched in the sweaty palms of terrified students as they presented them for the white-gloved ERASER Inspector General.

Hunting ERASERS is a journey to the sacred. See that Gelgoog? I spent half an hour in a cold dusty warehouse in Koriyama, digging through a filthy cardboard box looking for the perfect specimen. And now it is MINE.

ERASERS are the ultimate nexus between FORM and FUNCTION. Don't believe me? Look at this. Pencil scribbles on paper. Permanent, indelible, right? WRONG. Watch.

A couple of rubs and the markings are gone:

And there are STORAGE OPTIONS. Store them in a handy gashapon capsule:

Mount them on a pencil. Mount them on a pen. Mount them on a chopstick.

One, two, three, four, let's start a chopstick war!

Mount them on the end of your digit, feeling the snug firm fit of the rubber pulled tight against your sensitive skin...

Spread the word to the masses! ERASERS IN YOUR FACERS, MUTHAFUCKA!!!

This is the end, beautiful friend. Observe, this dumpster:

Observe, a bag of garbage in this dumpster:

Observe, the contents of the bag. What's inside? Vintage HCMs!

How could this be? Because they are now WORTHLESS in the face of the mighty ERASERS. Throw away your mobile sluts and your soulless chogokin. There is no need for them now. Reject the Chogorati and embrace the Rubberati.

Classic. Etarnal. ERASERS. Look upon them and despair.

(All images in this thread are hosted by [] because they rule, but not as much as ERASERS.)

SD ERASERS come in robot, starship, and support mecha types:

Robot SD ERASERS come in mobile suit, mobile armor, heavy metal, labor, metal armor, and round vernian types:

Re-enact Char's Counterattack! "Waaah, you killed my girlfriend! Waaah, you screwed up my Oedipus complex!"

Diving buddies:

"Tanks a lot!"

SD Zakus are PSYCHO:

"I'll have an L-Gaim, with the WORKS!"

Here are several guides to the entire SD ERASER phylum, thoroughly documented and catalogued by TRUE BELIEVERS, because ERASERS are a SERIOUS undertaking:

And now, your chance to play ketchup. Here's a Yahoo Auctions search for "keshigomu":


We're off, to erase the Earth...


Here comes the new rubbery hero, Galient!

Here's one for the Trannies:

Invaders, possibly from space!

Go, go, go Speed ERASER!

ERASER Command Gundam. He commands you to buy him and his little metal pals:

Mah-ku-ross! Mah-ku-ross! MAAAAAAHHHH-KUROSSS!!!!

Daikyojin, ERASER style:

Zoids, ERASER style:

WARNING - Do not plug this cartridge into your FamiCom. It is an ERASER.

These ERASERS don't complete me:

All hail erasers!
MattAlt (Admin)
I'm not sure whether to ban you or change the name of the site to EraserDX.

That vein in your forehead finally burst, huh.

At least you didn't back over that Auge with your car.
Roger you are the mack. Please make a rumble out of this -- that dumpster shot is classic. I will lose all respect for you if I find out that you dug those HCMs out of the trash after you took that picture however.

Fight! Erasers to save independence of the Deloyer!

Just you wait though, when you will try to sell those on ebay in a year or so you will get NOTHING for them, NOTHING. The Market!
I would like to point out that these are not actually erasers, but are in fact finely sculpted pieces of Jarlsberg cheese to be eaten while drinking the finest of malt liquors:

Also, did you know that you can buy erasers sculpted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?:

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SAHCMA says "Stop HCM abuse!" If you must abuse them, stop, I'll gladly accept free and intact HCM's! ;)

SAHCMA = Society Aganist HCM Abuse.
Did you know that:

This is what It looks like:

And this is what He does with It:

Do any of your ERASERS do that?!?! Do they?!?!

The answer is, of course, NO THEY DON'T. They just erase pencil. Bah!
Hmmm... will it erase that blurb covering her boobies?

I was thinking a rumble too, but having it as a post adds to the insanity of it all.

In any case, funniest post of the year so far. ERASERS IN YOUR ROUND FACERS. classic
Ha ha! "Beacuse this is an eraser, (you) cannot do game". Ha ha! What's even funnier is that it is Wrecking Crew.

That dumpster is full of recyclables. Someone should be ashamed.

Thank you

Super Robot T-Shirts will save the world
that dumpster is for commingled recyclables - someone should read the fine print (and then erase it)

best post evar, Rog

Thank you, all, for the praise and prose. Already my conversion to the way of ERASERS has led to positive things in my life. I put the Bound Doc mobile armor on the end of my pen, and so far this has prevented me from chewing on it (the pen, not the eraser). It also doesn't roll away any more.

Blaze, you will be happy to know that SAHCMA was notified and got relief workers to the dumpster in time. They liberated the Auge and Neofam, gave them a hot soapy bath, and will be placing them with a foster home soon.

After receiving information about the recyclable situation, the relief workers returned to separate them from the trash and put everything in the proper receptacles.

I'm working on a little treat for the faithful, hopefully I can get it posted tonight.
Click on the thumbnail to enjoy some makeshift wallpaper:


I would like to subscribe to your zine "Erasmus" (Erasmus is a name meaning "Love" which in kanji is pronounced "ai" and bears a striking resemblance to the English "eraser").

They're mecha, why don't you POWER THEM!!: []


leMel42 Wrote:
> I would like to subscribe to your zine "Erasmus"
> (Erasmus is a name meaning "Love" which in kanji
> is pronounced "ai" and bears a striking
> resemblance to the English "eraser").

HA! I knew I was onto something. ERASERS=LOVE. And love makes the world go 'round, right? So ERASERS make the world go 'round! And I've been looking for ERASERS in all the wrong places...

> They're mecha, why don't you POWER THEM!!:

I can only imagine the filthy things one would have to write to require one of those.
that's some deep stuff. i am convinced the next big thing ARE erasers. i'm a believer. but be careful, if the big name companies find out, they might yank erasers off the shelves and sell them only over seas. it's happened before.
MattAlt (Admin)
Nothing makeshift about that wallpaper, Rog. I've already printed it out and am papering the guest room with it.

Yes, but are these actually any good as erasers?

MattAlt (Admin)
Yeah, Rog. Because if they aren't, WE AREN'T BUYING ANY.

mcfitch (Admin)
Screw that noise Matt. You'll buy them for vanity's sake and you'll like it mister.
If you're asking how these ERASERS function as erasers, they're better than bad, they're good.

I predict that many will be trampled to death in the mad rush for ERASERS, so get them now, or be prepared to stain your Converse All-Stars with the blood of your dead friends.
Dear Rog,

What sort of despicable behavior are these ERASERS promoting to the children, having all kinds of pointy things sticking up their rear ends?

From a concerned, socially responsible, citizen.

P.S. But hey, if you have to have something up the back door, I'd say there's nothing better than a pair of baby blue Mospeada chopsticks, aesthetically speaking of course.

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Here's a pic of some of the Macross erasers. There were several different sets altogether, but I'm not exactly sure how many.

open | download - macros-erasers.jpg (99.1 KB)
Anonymous User

This is the best post EVER. I mean it.
cae Wrote:
> that dumpster is for commingled recyclables -
> someone should read the fine print (and then erase
> it)

Aha! Touche my friend. "Commingling" - that's what my girlfriend and I do.

Matt wrote:

>I've already printed it out and am papering the guest room with it.

You have a guest room? I thought you lived in Tokyo? Zing!

Keshigomu is fun to say. I used to get these things in bubblegum machines as a kid and up until I tried it just now I never would have believed they could actually erase anything.

Thank you

Super Robot T-Shirts saw a midnight screening of Eraserhead once

open | download - keshi.JPG (206.9 KB)
I guess I'm not the only one who's into eraser bots! I went Keshi Krazy off Yahoo Japan last December. Here's what I scored:

Instant Keshi collection! It was kinda a bitch to get all these since they were all separate auctions but was well worth it. I managed to get keshi's from Gundam, Kinnikuman, Macross, Godmarz, Tryder, Dougram, Ultraman, name it.

These are about 8 inches each. The Daidenjin is actually also a stamp too (but it's dried out)

Also, I actually got these off Ebay recently:

On the subject of vintage crack, I've had these things forever:

These are those old styrofoam glider planes...but with Gundams~!(I think the kana on this sez "Flying Jet Hikoki (plane)"

Takatoku 2 & 1/2 inch figurine models!

Hey Roger....were you interested in doing any keshi trading? I have a lot of doubles of my Kamen rider stuff. Let me know!!


Joe, I knew that there was a True Believer lurking around here!

Appreciate the trade offer, thanks for now, but you do have some amazing stuff. Let's see your SDs!

About those Takatoku 1/170 figurine models, weren't those reissued recently?
Hey Rog..

I think you're confusing these with the recent Nichimo or Arii kits. These one's were actually 1/320 (freakin teeny) and released by Takatoku in 1982 or 83. They actually look like plastic keshi too!

While cruising around for ERASERS today, I found these at a stationery supply site:

I recognize Robocon's lightbulb-headed suckup friend and the bully with the swastika-like manji removed from his chest, but what about the others?
>Mount them on the end of your digit, feeling the snug firm fit of the rubber pulled tight against your sensitive skin...

I'm getting all hot and bothered.

Roger, I think when I said your Redu-shoulda post was the funniest, you went overboard in your reaction. Well done. THIS is the funniest post you ever did.

Incidentally, I put the Redu-shoulda sound on a loop to have some of my OCD students understand what its like to hear an out of context phrase over and over again. It worked wonders. Now they are all saying "Redu Shoulda! Redu Shoulda! Aaaaaargh".
Haha, thanks! For a while my dream toy has been to find a vinyl Scopedog, now I yearn to find an SD Scopedog ERASER.

More SD ERASERS came in the mail today! I'll give you a hint: attack attack attack!
Say, where are these displayed? Near a window, perhaps?
None of mine are.
Do these erasers get all gunky with age like PVC, or all crumbly like old nikes?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
ERASER + clear parts = even more gooder toy!

And screw SOC Xabungle. Why not enjoy some investment-grade Xabungle ERASERS?

Ah, a cigarette pack eraser. Brilliant idea. You can write the days and hours left in your lifespan and gradually erase the number with each heavenly drag of the death stick. Does it come with a Gold Lightan eraser?
Yes, and the Gold Lightan ERASER actually works!

(as an eraser)
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