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For Sale, Wanted items, and Trading. This is an experiment. Please use wisely, and caveat emptor: it's a rough crowd buying this stuff, so you're on your own...  
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WTB VT-1 Super Ostrich ver 2

by takaya
284 1 03/25/2012 11:38AM
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ebay stuff

by ntm
265 1 03/23/2012 04:20PM
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FS: cm's genesic gaogaigar ver 2

by takaya
329 1 03/23/2012 03:07PM
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Stuff on Ebay!

by delta_7890
335 2 03/21/2012 10:45AM
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Micromen (VOTOMS, GaoGaiGar, SF) Lot

by kiriko
446 1 03/12/2012 12:56PM
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Mirrorman sparkler FS MIB

by josh fraser
220 2 03/11/2012 12:10AM
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FS: MS in Pockets Attachments

by Jake
273 1 03/09/2012 11:49PM
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Takara Diecast VOTOMS, S.H.E. simple getter 1st ver. $100 for the lot.

by kiriko
447 4 03/09/2012 11:25PM
Last Post by Prometheum5

[Ebay] Jumbos, FLOSRs, etc

by Nekrodave
339 1 03/08/2012 03:17PM
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Transformers LOT, and SD Gundam LOT (figures, not models)

by kiriko
495 8 03/05/2012 01:20PM
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DX Gatcha Spartan

by Jeffsung66
546 1 02/28/2012 02:33PM
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[eBay]Buster & Hydra Japanese TFs

by Jake
297 2 02/25/2012 08:18PM
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by kiriko
451 2 02/18/2012 01:36AM
Last Post by Ginrai

Selling Stuff Again - Transformers G1/Classics, Fansproject, some SOC, Ashley Wood, Brave Hiryu, etc.

by fujikuro
540 10 02/16/2012 02:43PM
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jumbo machinder gaiking?

by dynastyisp
421 4 02/15/2012 05:24PM
Last Post by josh fraser

Gearlock set 5

by josh fraser
277 1 02/14/2012 04:37PM
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For Sale: Domo Qee Series 2 Pink Bubble (Chase)

by Scopedog
284 1 02/08/2012 09:13PM
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Godzilla Love Pillow

by MattAlt
250 1 01/31/2012 09:55PM
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MP-10 MIB, henkei hot rod & hound, and RTS Jazz MOC

by kiriko
282 2 01/30/2012 02:59PM
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Looking for Bootleg gundam minis

by Jerilock
410 11 01/26/2012 11:28PM
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