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For Sale, Wanted items, and Trading. This is an experiment. Please use wisely, and caveat emptor: it's a rough crowd buying this stuff, so you're on your own...  
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FEEDBACK FOR ToyboxDX sellers=)

by starbasejapan33
531 13 05/02/2007 10:13PM
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by starbasejapan33
426 2 05/02/2007 02:37PM
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[WANTED] Hot Toys Predator Parts Attachments

by Gcrush
906 1 04/30/2007 11:26PM
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[ebay] Selling a bunch of stuff (Fewture Getter, Mazinger, VOTOMs, Gundam, Zoids, 40k, Aliens vs Predator)

by Scopedog
546 11 04/30/2007 06:13PM
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[SALE] Mospeada bike, Takemi Queen Hawk, Macross Defender kit

by Robaato D
537 2 04/30/2007 02:25PM
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[FOR SALE] Nakajima Tekkaman Vinyl on Card

by Anonymous User
486 1 04/29/2007 10:18PM
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FS Aoshima Shin Getter 1 SG-01 $185

by wilson
493 2 04/28/2007 11:35PM
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FS: Pre-TF Megatron: Microchange Walther P-38 UNCLE, MIB, unused

by Might Gaine
586 10 04/27/2007 08:26AM
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by Erik Sjoen
544 11 04/26/2007 12:57PM
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[For Sale] Takara 1/18 DMZ Scopedog and Chirico

by Jessy
507 1 04/24/2007 11:53PM
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[eBay] CMS Transforming Gokin GaoGighGar

by gingaio
419 5 04/22/2007 01:30PM
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WANTED - Machine Robo Mugenbine

by fujikuro
510 1 04/21/2007 12:23PM
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[WANTED] To Thank Corey! Attachments

by Gcrush
424 3 04/20/2007 11:12PM
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Maganetic Takara Astro Boy $105 shipped

by migz808
683 10 04/20/2007 01:42AM
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[WANTED] Sideshow Monsters

by Gcrush
499 14 04/20/2007 12:37AM
Last Post by cae

TEDEROS kaiju for sale.

by Roger
446 7 04/19/2007 11:12AM
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please delete this

by Roger
417 4 04/17/2007 10:00AM
Last Post by fujikuro

[FOR SALE] Splitting Up a Lot of Orphans! Attachments

by Gcrush
616 2 04/17/2007 09:21AM
Last Post by thomas

[WANTED] SOC SanjeeV!!!!! Attachments

by gingaio
494 12 04/17/2007 09:20AM
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Ebay: Lucky Draw GOLD CHROME Super Daibouken

by Might Gaine
398 1 04/15/2007 03:37PM
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