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For Sale, Wanted items, and Trading. This is an experiment. Please use wisely, and caveat emptor: it's a rough crowd buying this stuff, so you're on your own...  
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[MOSPEADA] Robotech Invid Shock Trooper MIB

by Zor Master
670 6 08/28/2008 01:06AM
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Sale and Order Studio Halfeye product^^

by phin_san
472 3 08/27/2008 02:56PM
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Wanted: Popy transparent Kikaida

by JB
367 1 08/27/2008 12:24AM
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Stock Clearance: Studio halfeye Gaiking + Skyset

by phin_san
424 1 08/26/2008 06:31AM
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Rare NMIB-MIB Micronaut & Microman & related sale!

by Anonymous User
1,117 3 08/25/2008 01:16AM
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gundam byg zam, transformers titanium lot, giant optimus prime lot

by christ
334 1 08/24/2008 06:41PM
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Looking for Lightans

by fujikuro
341 3 08/19/2008 04:30PM
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20" Voltron and other items on eBay

by jamtoy
392 1 08/19/2008 10:12AM
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[WANTED] Dorvack Mugen Calibur (or Roadbuster)

by eriku
572 5 08/18/2008 06:14PM
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WTB 1/40 Orgroid Olsen Special

by Warrhead
338 1 08/17/2008 06:11PM
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Toys and Models For Sale - Not Ebay !!!

by btlmstr
709 11 08/16/2008 10:09AM
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FS: Popy Chogokin X2

by gomcse2002
382 1 08/15/2008 05:52PM
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Classic Macross VF-19 and 21 plus many more stuff cheap!

by jennety
399 2 08/15/2008 04:50AM
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WTB: Jumbo Megazords

by fiercerobot
377 4 08/14/2008 02:24PM
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T-28/Black Ox, Time Bokan, EVA, Kamen Rider (eBay)

by CurlSnout
391 1 08/13/2008 12:49PM
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FS: neo getter masterpiece valkyrie lot jack archer Choshingokin Daikyojin

by christ
395 1 08/10/2008 08:51PM
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Selling some extra stuff- starting with Xenogears Perfect Works

by asterphage
416 1 08/07/2008 11:04PM
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SOC mazinga black,ultraman,goranger, G gundam japanese version

by christ
348 3 08/01/2008 01:32PM
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few stuffs on ebay.... check it out :)

by mannix143
395 1 07/31/2008 05:52AM
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[for sale] GX-40 SOC Godmarz

by eriku
435 1 07/30/2008 03:47PM
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