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Ironhide Impressions

by Drywall
789 2 12/09/2003 10:46AM
Last Post by Vincent Z.

New Energon pics from Hasbro site.

by Vincent Z.
857 5 12/06/2003 08:56PM
Last Post by Jake

New Energon Wave pics

by DabulasM2
956 12 12/06/2003 02:21PM
Last Post by Gobotfool

Energon Wave 2 on cards pics

by Vincent Z.
943 4 12/04/2003 01:17PM
Last Post by BlazeEagle

Have they decided about the differences beween MP Prime America & the Takara ver

by Marvin
876 10 12/03/2003 04:01AM
Last Post by Slayman

Hmm so does MP Convoy come with Trailer?

by The Master
829 9 11/30/2003 08:20AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

MP-1 and new alt. Hound news

by cf18
904 6 11/26/2003 11:03PM
Last Post by JoshT

MPC Prime has a trailer...yah

by I Was S.K.U.D.
1,001 3 11/26/2003 10:54PM
Last Post by JoshT

Black Friday Releases

by DabulasM2
980 3 11/26/2003 08:36PM
Last Post by Drywall

Something new

by Anonymous User
851 13 11/25/2003 09:20PM
Last Post by griffith76

Hey look, Energon Scopinok is actually good.

by Vincent Z.
1,019 5 11/24/2003 03:34PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Was this done just for me?

by Vincent Z.
788 7 11/24/2003 03:49AM
Last Post by Bloodcat