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Paper Prime.

by Vincent Z.
468 3 01/19/2004 06:11PM
Last Post by Weltall Zero

Another Smokescreen Alternator review... Shot me... But read this 1st

by BigD
550 2 01/19/2004 03:23PM
Last Post by BigJoe

Attention Minnesota Transfans - Arghh I forgot

by Lodan
616 4 01/17/2004 09:23PM
Last Post by asterphage

Binal Tech Hound - New Pic

by matt
468 2 01/17/2004 04:31PM
Last Post by Fort Max

Reissue fun

by GX9901
484 6 01/17/2004 12:56PM
Last Post by Timmy O'Toole

BT Transformers with cool weapons.

by Vincent Z.
527 4 01/16/2004 06:56PM
Last Post by Weltall Zero


by cf18
526 16 01/16/2004 05:14AM
Last Post by Fort Max

I need a Swoop Faceplate

by Lodan
552 2 01/15/2004 10:27PM
Last Post by Lodan

Energon Starscream for $1.

by Roger
721 4 01/15/2004 08:33AM
Last Post by Roger

Lookie. an interview with the designer of 20th ani prime and binartech lines.

by Vincent Z.
2,581 25 01/15/2004 07:25AM
Last Post by Fort Max

Overstocked unicrons and a q. about sideswipe and prime

by WaffleKing
706 4 01/14/2004 03:31PM
Last Post by GX9901


by DVM
724 2 01/13/2004 08:51PM
Last Post by Souky

Superlink cartoon pics

by thomas
605 8 01/12/2004 08:19PM
Last Post by asterphage

MP-1 Convoy instruction booklet translation

by CMK
716 1 01/12/2004 02:59PM
Last Post by CMK

Godspeed, Optimus. Godspeed.

by Drywall
567 5 01/09/2004 10:50PM
Last Post by Drywall

Anyone getting the U.S. Alternators version of Smokescreen?

by WaffleKing
558 19 01/08/2004 11:11PM
Last Post by G-Domino

Sentai Prime

by Ginrai
628 8 01/08/2004 09:32PM
Last Post by Souky

Transformers BT line...Simple questions?

by Marvin
621 25 01/07/2004 04:04PM
Last Post by MicroZone

Galavatron, urm, repainted Megatron :)

by BlazeEagle
539 11 01/07/2004 01:54AM
Last Post by Drywall

Decepticon Binaltech

by Faisaijin
554 20 01/06/2004 11:34PM
Last Post by MicroZone