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Matt Alt -- "The East Wing"
(Photos by Tomoko Kojima)
What can I tell you? I've been a collector since birth. Here's the 1970s "hero robot" portion of my collection; although my favorite pieces remain the Takatoku and Bandai Valkyrie toys produced in the 1980's, I can't deny the power of the Seventies. Japan will never again match the ingenuity of their 1972 - 1980 "golden period"; the purity and economy of design of these character toys will remain as an example of pop art for decades to come. If Warhol were around today he'd probably do a few silkscreens of 'em...Anyway...

[Matt's Mazinger]
[Matt's Poseidon]
[Matt's Poseidon]
  Recently my habit's been acting up, and the usual run-of-the-mill stuff hasn't been enough to satisfy my Popy jones. That's why I had to pick up a few powerful, uncut pieces straight from the source: a "scramble-dash" jet wing for my Great Mazinger JM and a mint-in-box Jumbo Poseidon. Expensive? Sure. But when your habit's got you down, you'll beg, borrow, or (god forbid) sell one of your toys to get the cash for a fix like that.

There's NOTHING like the feel of deteriorating Japanese cardboard between your fingers as you open that huge '70s Jumbo Machinder box; the totemic, character-festooned time capsule that's been stored in some Japanese guy's closet or the back room of a toy shop for a decade, the whiff of (probably) cancerous air that escapes from the box as the lid is lifted; inhaling deeply, you run your fingers over the smooth surface of the JM that's cost you a week's or a month's salary. Re-box. Repeat.

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