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August 23, 2010

Super Robot Mach Baron Makeover

I’m a big junkie for Mach Baron like some of my friends here. Come on, who doesn’t love a giant red robot that’s so beautifully designed he turns heads? I think the figures from Bullmark are just wonderful sculpts of art. With that said, I do have a pet peeve about them. So many were poorly painted. Mach looks like he has a bad spray on tan. Come on…where’s the respect?

I looked at my 10.5″ Bullmark sofubi one afternoon and thought, “I wonder if I could repaint him to show off his TRUE colors?” After researching and looking at many photos of Mach Baron, I narrowed down some colors and came up with a game plan. I started by using a thinner to remove as much of the excess blue silver color on his shins as possible and other colors incorrectly sprayed onto him. After that, it was time to mask off his belt, hands, and eyes. Then I applied two coats of bright red spray paint. When it dried, off came the masking tape and then the fine work of painting the white, silver and gold yellow. After about 3 hours invested in this makeover, I surprised myself with the results. He looks 100x better!!

Mach Baron Sofubi (10.5")Mach Baron Sofubi (10.5")

Since it worked so well on the sofubi, I decided to give my MFV Mach Baron a facelift too.

Mach Baron MFV

And finally, here is the family portrait.



  1. Wow, nice paint-job.
    The Mach Barons look very good with the new paint, more “realistic”.

    BUT…how could you repaint vintage Bullmark sofubis!!!

    “So many were poorly painted” I love these poor paint jobs ;-)


    Comment by chogoman — August 24, 2010 @ 5:18 am

  2. Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for the compliment on the paint-job! I’m quite proud of the result.
    Oh, so you’re Chogoman! Where do you live?

    I knew some collectors might feel otherwise about it and and think it’s sacrilege. But, it was a personal preference and choice to repaint him. For me all the sprays of colors were distracting to look at when I see my Machs in relationship to one another. As a designer, I think the form factor should take precedence and not the misrepresented crazy colors. I just wanted to show what he could look like.

    I was also inspired by my friend Kitsir who has done many great works restoring Jumbo Machinders and other vintage vinyls. He really impressed me with his repaints that gave some old vintage pieces new life. It made me see the characters (hero or villain) in their true forms and colors.

    See for yourself…


    Comment by TT28 — August 24, 2010 @ 12:57 pm

  3. Hey TT28,

    I’m from germany…collecing japanese
    robots brings the world together ;-)

    But honestly, your paint-job of the Baronn’s is
    really cool. I totally understand the idea behind it.
    BTW I’m also working as a designer in the advertising
    branch. But I personally would never repaint vintage
    Bullmarks…they are holy to me…ok I’m gettin’ a bit
    pathetic ;-)

    Well and sure I know the work of Kitsir.
    I’m always fascinated how he brings really
    fucked up jumbo machinders back into life, or his
    mini shogun warriors custom paint-jobs. Awesome!

    greetings from deutschland

    Comment by chogoman — August 24, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

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