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April 27, 2006

Sunrise Mecha Action Series Blue Knight Gaiden ATM-FX1 Calamitydog Blue Version Zerverus VR-Maxima

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 3:40 pm

The CM’s Corporation follow-up to the previous Blue Knight Berserga toy is no slouch.

My review of the Berserga can be found here:

There were complaints on Japanese boards that the wrists on this toy were defective and needed to be cut down in order to fit the arm, but mine doesn’t have any problems. Use common sense and be gentle when exchanging the fists. Caveat emptor.

The Zerverus is probably now my favorite VOTOMs toy. It’s very large, standing at 5.5″, and it’s joints are fairly sturdy. Obviously, in order to hold the large rifle and shield, it *needs* sturdy joints, and as the pictures attest, it has no problem holding the rifle and shield in any pose. The thigh joints seemed very loose to me at first, but they have enough friction to hold any pose, especially since the large feet provide alot of balance. It has all the articulation you would expect from a typical Gundam MSIA toy but the materials generally seem sturdier.

The down-form for this subject has never been attempted in three dimensions before, and it works very well. It’s much better than the Berserga, since no parts have to be removed in order to achieve down-form. The cockpit is interesting. This is another detail that’s never been rendered in three dimensions. Like the Berserga, there’s no pilot and not much detail inside, but it looks cool, nonetheless. Unlike the Berserga, the Pile Banker spike doesn’t move, but the shield is still well-detailed and impressive.

It comes with several hands, but the only one that matters to me is the rifle-gripping hand, which can be removed from the rifle(unlike the Berserga’s) and it holds the rifle tightly.

The price is 4800yen, which may be considered quite high, but I look at this as a pre-painted full-action garage kit, and at that price it’s a steal.

There is a metallic version available but I haven’t received mine yet.


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