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April 4, 2006

Rumble in the Jungle

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Rumble in the Jungle –

Gokin Showdown!

Soul of Chogokin Battle Fever Robo just rolled out. No doubt there are countless reviews floating around, but none will throw BFR into the ring like this one. The question – just how does BFR stack up against its SOC predecessors?

The Reigning Champ: SOC Black Ox. Perhaps the perfect combo of poseability, sweet chogokin, and glossy goodness. It’s heavy in your hand, shines like an oil slick, and holds a mean pose. Like a bare knuckle boxer, it’ll knock you over with its soul.

The Challenger: SOC Battle Fever Robo. The new kid on the block – 100 times more agile than your grandpappy’s gokin, and packin’ all the diecast heat you can stand. It sits lightly in the palm, brings the noise to the fight, and sports a Napoleonic disposition that matches its stature. Like a samurai, it’ll cut you to the quick with its soul.

Or will it?

Stepping into the ring, Black Ox has the height, weight, and experience advantage. But Black Ox is old – last year’s gokin. BFR lacks the physical presence that its older opponent has, but BFR boasts scads more weaponry. When it comes time to throw down, who is your money going to be on?

Black Ox packs a mean punch. BFR packs mean heat. BFR wins there.

But BFR is nearly all plastic. While that helps it bob-and-weave, it can’t hold up to Black Ox’s rope-a-dope. Black Ox takes the K.O.

Why? Because BFR, despite all its styling, has a rubber neck. Literally. You can pop its head right off and stare down the little silicone sleeve that holds it head on. Doubtful that such a configuration will hold up in the long run.

BFR is by no means out of the fight. Groovy weapons, 1970’s Nobunaga funk, and ultra-poseability help it stay a contender. But if pure gokin if your thing, there’s just no way BFR can hold its own against the competition. Without its weapons, its nuttin’.

Be sure to check out the poorly animated play-by-play.


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