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February 11, 2006

Action Gokin Robotan

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So, whatís the story with Robotan? Hell, I donít know… Iíve been privy to many of the 70ís and 80ís shows geared towards younger audiences that produced many awesome toys including Robocon, Time Bokan, Medaman, Yattaman and some of the Popy Meisaku series, among many others.

Personally, I donít really ďgetĒ most of these shows. Maybe itís because I am a grown adult and not a 5 year old boy. Either that or I am a grown adult who doesnít take hallucinogens. The Robotan anime, from the looks of the box, actually looks like a pretty down to earth show. But, much like Robocon, Iím sure appearances can be deceiving…

Robotan was made by Robin in 1986. It stands about 4 inches tall and overall does absolutely nothing but just stand there and look cute. Itís chest opens up to reveal an open slot for you to insert a floppy disk (included in the box). Wow! Being ďAction GokinĒ you would think this ďkawaiiĒ lilí guy would be heavy. Not so much.. Itís legs are the only diecast, but boy is he cute. If you are into the cute stuff itís a must have (hint, hint Corey). Nuff said.

Erik Sjoen

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