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June 15, 2004

Tokyo Toy Show 2004

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 3:57 am

Another year, another Tokyo Toy Show.

Not much to report this time around. Although there seemed to be a lot more people this year — last year, the organizers actually told people from China and Southeast Asia not to come because of SARS concerns — there wasn’t a whole helluva lot of “wow” to go around.

About the biggest surprise — well, to me, anyway — was the announcement that the next Shin Seiki Gokin toys will be a 1:72 APC and Dropship from the film “Aliens” and a 1/48 scale rendition of “Airwolf” from that ’80s TV “hit” of the same name. SCRAPE THE BARREL, BABY!

On the Bandai front, buncha chunky Dekaranger stuff. Some random SD figs. Some decently detailed plastic toys from the upcoming Thunderbirds flick. Also, a Kado Senshi Zeta Gundam in black-and-blue “Titans” colors was on display. Alas, alert security men tackled me as I tried to photograph it. I also had my first view of the new Soul of Sofubi figures, which turned out to be the exact same size and quality as standard Bandai Ultraman vinyls.

And that’s about it. Enjoy a random-ass sampling of shots from the show. Highlights include some nice shots of the Yamato’s upcoming Koenig Monster and Scopedog toys (and lemme tell ya, that Scope Doggy Dog is biggie big. A good 12″ tall, easy.)

Bear in mind that the toys photographed represent my frighteningly short attention span and in no way indicates the complete range of stuff on display at the show.


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