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June 12, 2004

Props to Pro!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 12:37 am

The specs for the High Complete Model Progressive line, Bandai’s sequel to their old ’80s-vintage HCM series, are pretty impressive.

1500 yen a pop. Just three and a half inches high, yet jointed out the wazoo, with fun details like little hydraulic pistons and removable armor plates. Sturdy styrene plastic construction with none of that floppy flacidity you’ve come to associate with PVC toys.

And yet it’s the same old tired handful of First Gundam characters. Look, I love Gundam. He’s a great guy. He got me interested in Japanese toys in the first place. But man, even I’m starting to get tired of the status quo.

Never fear. As it turns out, the HCM-Pro are modular! Was this intentional? Beats me. But they’re kinda like Gundam lego! (Or perhaps “Gundam Ark“?) At least, within their own little families. The Zeon and Federation suits feature ever-so-slightly different ball joint and peg diameters, effectively preventing cross-breeding. Incest is best, I guess! (Uh.. did I just type that?) But don’t take my word for it. Check out these nutty combinations.

How ya like me now?


Who am I?


Here’s to hoping they keep it up for future releases — and if Bandai P.R. is any indication, there’s plenty more to come. I really dug the play value of the l’il suckers. If you’ve got even a teensy, tiny bit of interest in the things, pick up a handful and get combinin’!


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