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January 30, 2004


Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 12:25 am

Yeah, I got all the THE Chogokin toys. And I’ve played with the 1:48 Valkyries. Not to mention the SOC Dancougar. And the S.C.M. crane-game prize robots, the R/C Doms, the Soul of Chogokin Getta Dragon and all the other great stuff that came out this year. So why’s the “Kahen Senshi” series ZZ Gundam tops in my book?

Yeah, I know. Hard-core fans of the Kado Senshi (“Movable Warrior”), the similarly-named series that spawned the Kahen Senshi (“Transformable Warrior”) line, eternally pine for more First Gundam designs. But put that disappointment aside for a moment and just take a look at this thing, willya? It’s a beautifully built, heavy-ass chunky-monkey mother of a robot toy. (Just look at how much bigger it is than its predecessor, the Kado Senshi” RX-78 Gundam.) But what really sends ZZ over the edge is his cross-cultural appeal. Just consider:

– He’s a super robot! (What? A Gundam design by nature CAN’T be a super robot? Oh, forgive me — a blazing red-white-yellow-and-blue machine that transforms into three separate forms and breaks down into three different components — hell, four, if you count the gun — oh, and did I mention said gun has an actual little tiny cockpit? Yep, reality television at its finest…)

– He’s a “real” robot! (Did someone just say “super robot?” What the hell?! C’mon, he’s like… like… like the original Gundam’s great grandson!)

-He’s a transformer! (Note the lack of the uppercase T. I’m talking conceptually, here. Philosophically, even. Whoa.)

-He’s a gattai-combiner! (I don’t have anything to say here, but wanted to balance out my carefully considered use of parenthetical comments.)

Am I getting through? Are you understanding what I’m telling you? That’s all four collector-recommended Japanese toy food groups! All in one toy! And he’s metal! And he comes in a glorious styrofoam tray! And he’s poseable! (Sorta!) All in all, ZZ Gundam’s practically as complex as the SOC Dancougar — albeit at half the size, but then again you’re paying only a third of the price. Which means, in this case, a surprisingly reasonable 6500 yen. What are you waiting for? Buy! Buy! Buy!


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