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December 19, 2009

Sega’s Virtual-On Real Models Pt. 3: Fei-Yen

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This one was hard to find…but it was well worth the hunt.

Just like the other Real Models Fei-Yen comes with a card showing her CG model and with some minor information on its back. I won’t bother showing it. Parts-wise however, she comes with more stuff than the previous Real Models:


Two pigtails, two skirt parts, a very small disc, her sword/bowgun, an optional hand, and an extended arm blaster. The pigtail and skirt parts peg into small holes and actually stay put. So that gives this:



Obviously, Fei-Yen is magical girl-themed, all in pink and white, wearing a mini-skirt with obvious white underpants (X_x;;), long high-heeled boots, assorted long socks, with pigtails and a pettanko to boot (apologies for the TV Tropes link). Furthermore, her V-Converter Unit looks quite like a school bag worn on the back. Of course it opens up and will accept the very small disc. Unlike previous Real Models the disc sits very loose in the V-Converter Unit. Which of course means I had to let it fall out and loose it after taking the pictures >_<…bleh. As mentioned earlier Fei-Yen comes with additional parts to display her with her arm blaster extended. These simply slide onto the arm after removal of the regular parts. Her sword attaches to her left hand using a peg.

Where Fei-Yen is clearly an improvement over the previous figures is articulation. Simply put, it is very good. She has ball joints in her neck, shoulders, wrists, and hips. Only the neck joint is too loose. Furthermore, she has swivel joints at her shoulders, elbows, pigtails, every single skirt part, waist, upper legs, knees, and ankles. Only the restricted motion of her ankles and some stability issues limit the poses she can be put in, so the pics below use her sword as a third leg:



In short, a much better figure than the previous releases, with (mostly) good joints and less crude finishing.

…either Temjin has really big legs, or Fei-Yen is a tad undersized:

Now to get a Real Model Apharmd…

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