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November 20, 2009

Soul Of Morphy: Sakura Oni

Filed under: Erik Sjoen,Matt Alt — erik sjoen @ 7:10 pm

A prized possession. Thank you sifu. Thank you brothers.

Hulk. Skin turns green. Remembers nothing. Hulk smash. Much like Oni. Behold.

I’ll let Minister Alt take it from here:

“”Oni” means “demon” or “goblin” in Japanese, and they’re a staple in Japanese myths and legends. The Sakura Oni is actually a character toy, licensed from the long-running animated show “Manga Nihon Mukashi-banashi,” or “Animated Japanese Fairy Tales.” The piece is oversized and bulkier than the average “standard” diecast, and features a battery-powered flashing eye gimmick. There are two colors, red and green. The red version seems to be slightly less common. The box of the Oni is striking; the chunky, hand-drawn kanji characters on the box are an instant standout.”


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