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March 21, 2003

Xameling the topic of PVC

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 8:31 pm

Attention!  Intruder near generating station!  Forward observer car is in position and transmitting these pictures.  Patching feed.  “Here…  Got….  …  Like mov… to firing p….  Wait! …”  The forward observer has lost contact…  Security forces nearing the target.   It has been identified as an “XAMEL”  Artillery unit that is supposed to only be in preliminary trials.

Launch the boss.  (ominious thunder) (yeah, I know, cop out on a couple of the pics, but I wanted to use the really crappy photos too, so I fuzzed them a bit and made them night vision…  hence the two ‘night-vision’ shots)

A 68 CENTImeter Cannon slung over it’s shoulder.  The absurdly large legs and support equipment that dominates the character of this design.  It’s not meant be to be seen or see it’s target, that’s the Dom’s job.  It is the highly mobile artillery support that moves with the fast attack troops and provides the bang that lets them continue on their merry way.

The Xamel is my baby.  I have an undying love for this tan machine, and it’s really hard to put into words, so I was overjoyed when I heard there was a MSiA being made… cheaply.  It was dream come true.  Then Kmarts started dropping like flies, and a couple targets… and I started to panic.  This absurd machine might not make it to me!   This is the toy that had me going to the store every weekend with stars in my eyes.  Of course I saw the same madalor gundams and yugioh figures as last week, but I had hope.  So it continued for a month.  Then I said “screw it” and paid the ebay scalpers.  So it wasn’t as cheap as I had hoped, but it’s here!  Finally!  straight from the pages of Mecha Press (R.I.P…) and it’s wacky Battletech/Mekton character pages.  So, now I’ve got the nearly solid PVC xamel toy, and even though I lost the missile rack that should go over his shoulder… he’s still my favorite.

I’d like to thank “Have another Mazinga and Like it, Dammit” Bandai for putting some love into this obscure design.

Also I wanted to input a getta one, because he’s just that cool.   The zakus are such posers.  Actin all tough like they’re his posse.  (not really.  Zakus are the real stars of that pic. Getta is such an attention hog.)


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