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March 2, 2003

Terror Within

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 1:19 am

att Alt sucks. And he has shit for taste.

He would have you believe that there isn’t sufficient metal content in the new GD-45 Chogokin Mecha Godzilla.  What the hell does he know?

This thing is heavy.  The legs are child-bearin’ fat and they are all metal.  A large portion of the chest is metal too.  This thing rocks. 

I have long been a sucker for die cast kaiju.  Vinyls are cool, but I have always been lured into the soporific gaze of such classic zinc embodiments of the monster such as the Ark Redking or Gamola.  Something about the weight, the gimmicks, and certainly the sheer presence and funk.

What the GD-45 lacks in old school funk, which it certainly does, it makes up for in crazy engineering and overall presentation.  Furthermore, it doesn’t disappoint in the quality department, Bandai’s finest engineering at work.  Aesthetically, I was really on the fence with this one, the design appeared to me to be heavily influenced by modern day monster maniac, Todd McFarlane.   Once I received it though, I was pleasantly surprised; the design has even begun to win me over.  It actually has a H.R. Geiger feel to it, and I am really getting into the neo-mecha feel of the modern day Mecha Godzilla. 

All in all, I wouldn’t trade in my Bullmarks for it, but it is a nice modern addition to the pathetic obsession I have for die cast monsters.


Tim Brisko

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