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August 17, 2009

The Cult of Takara Sci-Fi Land. Join us!

Filed under: Co. TAKARA,Toy Love — mcfitch @ 10:34 am

Brother Mark is a solid dude.  Brother Mark knows of Takara Sci-Fi land, and he knows it well.  Listen well when he speaks and gaze in wonder when he presents.  Mark “machinesoldier” attended the 2009 East Coast Chogokin Summit with a box full of vintage Takara love for me to “test drive” before heading off to Yahoo Japan like a drunken blind idiot.  Unfortunately, hosting a 28 person cookout/swap meet left little one-on-one time so we weren’t able to go through the box like we wanted.


Mark, being the solid dude that he is, left the box at my house and let me have at it letting me ship them back to him.  So what did I do for hours yesterday?  You bet yout bippy I sat in the living room, Vintage Microman and Dicalone commercial DVD on loop, pouring over all of these toys and taking crappy photographs.  With the coffee table as my operating table I surgically cut through to the core of Takara Sci-Fi Land love, and learned a thing or two in the process.  I have solidified my desire for a few pieces I wanted (hello Death King).  I was even swayed by a few that I though were cool, but didn’t neccesarilly need to own, or plain just didn’t like. By the ned of the night there was nothing in the box that I didn’t want to have in my display cases.  Thanks again Mark.

Pics will be added to the discussion thread on the BBS.

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