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June 28, 2009

Big Ass Bases

Filed under: Co. POPY,Declarations,Toy News — BillT @ 12:25 pm

I became intrigued with Big Scale Pla Bases upon seeing the small photo of the Thunderbirds base in the Popy Datafiles. I made it my mission to create my own ‘datafile’ with pics of these things, since there was no other info on them that I could find. I didn’t see any on ebay, but once I discovered YHJ they came rolling in.

My first discovery was a Getter base.

It was loose and cracked, so I naiively thought I could grab it for a couple of hundred. WRONG! Damn thing went for over a grand.

I had seen several Getter G bases after that, mostly loose, and then this showed up.

Saw it within an hour of listing. It was a BIN so I probably paid too much, but no regrets as I have yet to see a better boxed version come up, and is the only four figure toy in my stable.

For just over a year now I’ve been gathering photo’s of these things and discovered big bases from the likes of Bullmark, Takemi, and Takatoku. Some are rarer (and much more expensive) than others, but all are cool looking.

If Pla bases are your thing or want to know what accessories came with them (where possible to this point), come on by to my photo album for more pics. I think I have the Popy ones covered with the exception of Combattra and Raideen Bases.

Oh, and if anyone has other, or more complete pics of these things, please shoot em over, as I’m constantly updating this. Thx.

Big Ass Bases

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