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June 24, 2009


Filed under: Co. POPY — roboto @ 3:35 pm

Mr. Toyota foot

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Daily Money Shots,Mike Parisi,Toy News — Mike Parisi @ 1:33 pm

Mach Baron by bullmark. This one is entirely hard plastic, except for the slightly less than Hotwheel sized metal Celica stored in his foot.


June 23, 2009

A Tale of Two Hobbies

Filed under: Toy News — KingboyD @ 7:35 pm

I picked up this loose winking Garuban, but I wanted to fix him up a bit.



While I typically am against my wife’s scrapbooking hobby (all the money going to her supplies could go to my collection, after all; actually, it stems from my collection’s ouster from the office and entry into its new locale of a closet), I hoped she could help me out in this case. Sure enough, after digging through a few drawers and bins, she came up with a new gem eye for my figure. Not only that, but she managed to produce a sheet of other colorful gems!


Oh, the possibilities! Maybe one day, but for now, he’s back to normal.


(Now if I could only find some hands or the buildings!)

I see you….

Filed under: Daily Money Shots — Jerilock @ 5:11 pm
Dude this scope is amazing, I can see the moon!

Dude this scope is amazing, I can see the moon!

Don’t call him Shithead

Filed under: Co. TAKATOKU,Daily Money Shots,Mike Parisi,Toy News — Mike Parisi @ 5:03 pm

Akumaizer Gabura, Takatoku. A favorite of mine…the dude is just sooo weird!3058_1108954533919_1528518832_260224_4583417_n

Etarnal License to ILL

Filed under: Co. BANDAI,Co. POPY,Daily Money Shots,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 4:16 pm

So they got “eternal” right on the card and goofed up on the boxes I guess. It’ll always be “etarnal” to me..



How Chogokin are Made..

Filed under: Co. POPY,Erik Sjoen,Matt Alt — erik sjoen @ 2:46 pm

Long before Saito, Igarashi, or Nishimura got into the publishing game the ground was laid by none other than Popy. Behold the “Popy Catalog – Great Toy Encyclopedia”. Look at it as the TBDX little red book.

Minister of Information Alt wants all of our comrades to play safe, so read very carefully and retain..



“How Chogokin are Made” and on the right and “The Weak Point of Chogokin” on the left!


“Since Chogokin are made out of a hard metal, if they are struck against a hard surface such as a dresser or desk or glass window (!), they can damage your family furnishings. Play with them carefully. And never, ever throw them at other people!”

Sofubi Suprise!- TT Glaug

Filed under: Co. TAKATOKU,Erik Sjoen,Toy Love — Prometheum5 @ 10:36 am

Toy Karma seems to be on the move… after a cryptic message from The Chairman read simply ‘give me your address’, I did not know what to expect. Never would I have guessed that after he helped me secure my first TT Macross vinyl, the GBP, he would surprise me with my favorite of the TT Macross vinyls, the Glaug, with its awesome vinyl charm! I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package. I LOVE this sculpt, with those big poofy arms in place of the lean and sleek lines of the Glaug. All the right ideas are there in the sculpt, but with that utilitarian-minded uncompromising vintage vinyl aesthetic. Truly a fantastic toy, for which I am truly grateful to our generous Chairman!




June 22, 2009


Filed under: Co. BANDAI,Co. POPY,Daily Money Shots,Mike Parisi — Mike Parisi @ 5:25 pm

Vintage Bandai’s winged, fist-firing sofubi Danguard Ace.


June 21, 2009

Hit me!

Filed under: Daily Money Shots,Erik Sjoen — erik sjoen @ 2:49 am

Gimme a card..

I’m totally into the carded stuff these days. I absolutely love them. Floor to ceiling, this stuff adorns whatever blank space is left on the walls of my personal little toy cave. The artwork combined with the funk of it all.. It’s just a match made in… Well, Japan..


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